GO Back to School because summer is cut short too early

GO Back to School because summer is cut short too early

It’s that time again! Summer always seems like it’s cut short too early—because it is cut short too early. No matter how old we get, that “back-to-school” feeling never leaves us. Sometimes it manifests as dread (hi, reality) and other times as excitement (new clothes! New attitude! All that stuff!). Here’s your list of so-called school supplies to ease you into the impending new season without making you forgo a sense of freedom and frivolity. Never forgo that.  

1. Alexander Wang Wallie Backpack: Nothing says back to school like a new backpack. Nothing projects an effortless aesthetic like any and all things Alexander Wang. 

2. Vashon Velvet Pre-Rolled Joints: You’ll need something to smoke under the bleachers. This brand prides itself on producing pot “like we used to smoke in college: that makes you laugh and not fall flat on your face.” 

3. Made In Paradise x Good Worth Stoned & High Pin Set: Decorate that fresh varsity jacket of yours with some goofy pins created with nostalgia in mind and worthy of one of the kids from Dazed and Confused. 

4. Nintendo Game Boy Notebook: A college-ruled journal that passes for a classic Game Boy will totally throw your teachers off. They’ll look like such numskulls when they tell you to put your Game Boy away. 

5. Aesop Toothpaste: No one wants to be the kid with bad breath at school. Try some luxury toothpaste, courtesy of Aesop’s latest edition to their line. It’s got sea buckthorn, cardamon and wasabia japonica (whatever that is). 

6. Byredo Rinse-Free Hand Wash: Speaking of being clean, while most hand sanitizers leaves your hands dry and kind of weird feeling, this one is hydrating, refreshing and smells great. Think of it as dry shampoo for your hands, minus the dry part. 

7. Sapling Press Ceramic Mug: Earlier mornings mean earlier morning coffee. Put it in a mug that’s appropriately sarcastic or earnest, depending on your mood. 

8. Samsung Galaxy Folder 2 Flip Phone: So you can’t technically buy this enticing throwback gadget stateside yet (when you can, it will be retailing for $260), but you can snag a version on eBay in the meantime. 

9. Opening Ceremony Egypt Varsity Jacket: Thanks to Opening Ceremony, letterman jackets are perpetually cool. This time, they’ve turned it up a notch by unleashing a globally conscious collection. 

10. Alexander Wang Hooded Tartan Shirt: For Fall ʼ17, Alex Wang was even more inspired by the nineties than usual, and this mix of hoodie/flannel hybrid is grunge-inspired, vintage in feel and stupidly luxe. 

11. P.A.R.O.S.H. Plaid Pleated Mini Skirt: The cute school girl thing never gets old, even if you’re too old to pass as an actual school girl. There’s something about pleats and plaid that’s an eternally pleasing combination. 

12. Fenty x Puma Ruffled Lace-Up Bustier: Get in trouble on the first day by not abiding by the dress code. It’s more fun that way. Count on Rihanna (inspired by Marie Antoinette this time) to assist you. 

13. NARS Velvet Matte Foundation Stick: François Nars has finally created the ultimate quick fix for impeccable skin. Apply and blend this versatile foundation for all-over coverage and keep it on-hand for on-the-go touch-ups. 

14. Proenza Schouler Leather Lace-Up Ankle Boots: Proenza gets it right every season, and this fall is no exception. Their riff on the classic combat boot is elevated, especially in oxblood. 

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