GO Back to the '90s and inhale

October 11, 2018

Life was so much simpler in the '90s. Bill "I didn't inhale" Clinton was in the White House, landlines were still a thing and we never had to think about ISIS or cyberbullying or Tomi Lahren. Rock music was relevant, Princess Diana was alive (until '97, anywayand there was a general consensus that our country was headed in the right direction. Flash forward to 2018a.k.a. 1989 but with smartphones. Today's world is infinitely more complicated. So light up a joint, put on a Pavement record and indulge in some good old fashioned escapism.

1. MadeMe x LeSportsac Shopper: Evoking both Cher Horowitz's wardrobe in Clueless and those ubiquitous plaid laundry bags, MadeMe's oversize shopper is perfect for schlepping your essentials.

2. Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker: A lot has changed since 7th grade but thankfully Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers are immune to the passage of time. They're still cheap as hell, too.

3. Pendleton Westerley Sweater: If you smoke pot, it's probable that you spent a significant portion of the late '90s obsessively watching The Big Lebowski. The Dude's Pendleton sweater certainly holds up. And holy shit, it's still being manufactured.

4. Weed Blacklight Poster: Blacklight posters are synonymous with the '60s, but they had a major resurgence in the '90s alongside tie-dye tees and Jackie O glasses. You don't have to hang this in your bedroom, but it could make a chill addition to the garage.

5. Frasier Sterling Mary Jane Hoops: These are the sort of earrings that your grandmother will compliment you on without realizing that they're cannabis leaves.

6. Fucking Awesome Outline Logo Beanie: Skater brands have come and gone but Fucking Awesome has stood the test of time.

7. Kidd Bell D.A.R.E. Patch: Part of being a child of '90s was having to suffer through D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), which clearly did not prevent any of us from using drugs. But the logo remains iconic nonetheless, and we're here for this socially conscious 2018 update.

8. DANK.COOL Music Died in 1999 Tee: This shirt plays tribute to the divisive nu metal bands of the late nineties: Korn, Limp Bizkit, etc, as well the equally divisive "praying Calvin" decal.  

9. Caitlin Rose Sweet Bootleg Marge Pipe: Why have we all been wasting our time smoking out of pipes that don’t look like an off-brand version of Marge Simpson? We need to seriously rethink our priorities.

10. MALIN+GOETZ Cannabis Perfume Oil: Wearing a cannabis-scented fragrance is VERY nineties. However, MALIN+GOETZ's take on the genre is surprisingly refined, so no need to worry about smelling like a freshman college student.  

11. Acne Studios Mustang Sunglasses: Kurt Cobain called, he wants his sunglasses back and a formal apology from the fashion industry for co-opting his aesthetic.

12. Gatorbeug Nike Ashtray: Get daily motivation from the same place where your joints go to die with this bootleg ashtray from our faves at Gatorbeug.

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