GO Backstage for your own exclusive party

May 18, 2018

Groupies are relics of the past. Saying, “I’m with the band” isn’t a thing anymore. But hanging out backstage will eternally be cool. It represents an all-access pass and VIP status. Getting backstage is an admittedly shallow pursuit—and that’s perfectly okay! In the classic spirit of getting high and hanging with the band, here’s what you need to make it happen. Or just to create your own exclusive party situation, backstage or not. 

1. GARBAGEtv Eye C U Cum Bum Bag: Inspired by underground, punk and techno club nights and a DIY philosophy, GARBAGEtv delivers cult-status goods that will get you noticed. If anything, the name of this porn-flavored fanny pack is memorable.

2. Heavy Grass Pre-Rolled Joints: A night that has you going hard requires a joint that can keep up. Heavy Grass delivers 100 percent premium flower in perfectly pre-rolled joints for a maximum high with minimal messing around.

3. Fucking Awesome Cig Man Ashtray: Tap your pre-rolls into an ashtray that’s fucking awesome. Why would you accept anything less? 

4. Marshall Action Wireless Speaker: A quintessential design by an iconic company shrunk down into a go-anywhere size? Cute.

5. The Venice Cookie Company - The Elvis Cookies: Maybe you can resist cookies jam-packed with chocolate chips, banana chips, peanut butter chips and white chocolate chips. We can't. Then again, these cookies are also laced with cannabis, which makes them the ultimate backstage snack. 

6. Ambush Silver Crush Can Earring: Nothing says, “I’m hardcore” like an oversized single earring in the shape of a crushed beer can.  

7. Gasius x Gatorbeug Gasbeug Bong: A porcelain bong out of a special collaboration between Australian bong company Gatorbeug and art-inspired line Gasius is the ideal addition to any dressing room.

8. Sundaeschool Smoking Cap Bucket: Despite any signs you might see, backstage is a smoking area. It’s tradition. Wear this hat in case anyone forgets. 

9. Heavy Grass No Grass Men's Tee: No grass, no backstage pass: A shirt emblazoned with this phrase delivers all you need to say. 

10. Facetasm Jacket: A black bomber jacket is subdued enough to go anywhere. A black bomber jacket emblazoned with an American flag is statement-making enough to deserve to go anywhere. 

11. Mastermind X Search N Design Sneaker: Take a break from all the sporty sneakers out there and pick up a pair that are just dressed up enough to make the cut past any velvet rope. 

12. Poster Girl Zeina Dress: Count on disco shine and after-hour sparkle to get you noticed. This micro metal-mesh dress somehow simultaneously brings to mind Barbarella, Anita Pallenberg and Rihanna. 

13. Buffalo Nubuck High-Top Platform Sneaker: In 1997, Buffalo shoes ruled, thanks to members of the Spice Girls (Baby and Ginger, to be specific). Naturally, they’re back. Giant platform sneakers are perfect for jumping around during the show. 

14. Lunar Tides Lavender Frost Hair Dye: Pay homage to your inner old-school raver, if you do indeed have one, with some highly temporary hair dye that shimmers and sparkles among the brightest of stars.

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