GO Backyard BBQ and have something to brag about

GO Backyard BBQ and have something to brag about

Much like other fire-inspired summer traditions, including fireworks and bonfires, the backyard barbecue is an all-American custom for which all-Americans and non-all-Americans will never tire. That’s because barbecues represent pure, unfettered leisure time and are pretty much pressure-free. No one has been slaving in the kitchen over a hot stove for hours, you sit wherever you want and the person who’s manning the grill has something to brag about. Long live the backyard barbecue. 

1. Cannadips CBD-Infused Pouches: The grill will be providing plenty of smoke. Pop one of these essentially invisible blends of water-soluble THC and CBD formulas for a welcome daytime buzz.  

2. Eva Solo Table Grill: As practical as it is pretty, this white porcelain grill is an ideal sidekick to your yard’s master grill. Place it in the middle of a picnic table and let people sizzle it up themselves. 

3. Cheers to That Red Cup Drink Koozie: Consider this the cold-keeping upgrade to your classic Solo cup, a definitive staple of any casual outdoor affair. 

4. Bape x Helinox Table One: An extra table with two extra drink spots isn’t really extra at all. Compact and camouflage-print, this is something that will be helpful to have well into tailgating season. 

5. Sandqvist x Ekstedt x C Store BBQ Apron: No “kiss the cook” schtick required. A three-way collaboration, designed in part by chef Niklas Ekstedt, gives way to a waxed cotton-canvas apron that actually looks cool.

6. RIPNDIP Sherlock Nermal Glass Pipe: Who at a barbecue, or anywhere, for that matter, wouldn’t want to smoke out of a hand-blown glass pipe sculpted into a bird-flipping cat? The answer is nobody.

7. Noah Rope Bracelet: Rope bracelets are preppy, summery and inexpensive. Wear them in water and they’ll shrink to fit your wrist. 

8. Set of 2 Tall Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments: The first guests you should invite to your barbecue are these plastic flamingoes. It’s entirely possible they’ll end up being your favorite guests, too. 

9. Intelligent Nutrients Smart Armor Perfume Spray: Natural DEET-free insect repellent comes in the form of certified organic perfume, imbued with notes of lemongrass and geranium and designed to attract humans. 

10. Balenciaga 2017 Cap: Balenciaga says, “Dad caps are in.” Balenciaga is usually right. Now if only there was another big election coming up soon. 

11. Kenzo Gummy Mesh Sonic Sneakers: The number of sneakers you need versus the number you want is likely disproportionate. Go with what you want. Kenzo’s sporty take makes for a welcome reprieve from standard athletic brands. 

12. Ksubi Palms Shredded Denim Dress: The cult-favorite Australian label is back and better than ever.  Get out of your late-summer jean shorts rut with this overall-inspired take on the denim dress.

13. Reebok Instapump Fury Off TG Shoe: Chunky lace-free kicks in blushing pink are just the right amount of both sporty and sweet. Plus, pressing the Instapump button is a good time. 

14. Le Specs The Fugitive Sunglasses: Join the exclusive ranks of Gigi Hadid and Sofia Richie, both of whom have worn these bright gold frames with hyper-reflective rose-gold lenses.

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