GO Beach Party and come prepared

GO Beach Party and come prepared

Pool parties are fun. So are house parties, cocktail parties, block parties, after-parties, even dinner parties. But no party is as chilled out as a beach party. Sun, sand and ocean waves off in the not-so-far distance make for an instant good time, but being among the elements, no matter how accommodating, means you need to come prepared.

1. Una Lou Rosé: Trendy as it’s been the past few summers, rosé remains one of the mainstay drinks of the summer. A quality pinot noir in a sleek can makes for portable, personal ease.

2. Not Vodka Two-Tone Water Bottle: Bring this fluorescent water bottle that comes complete with a wink for alcoholic backup, and let it do the lying for you.

3. Have A Good Time 2-Way Tote Bag: An easy-access bag you can toss everything into should come with the right kind of message. This one has the right kind of command.

4. SunnyLife Beach Ball: Even if you don’t bounce this oversized beach ball around—and someone obviously will—it makes for an instantly festive beach atmosphere.

5. Asche Key Clip: A discreet roach clip disguised as a glimmering gold key pendant is the perfect way to make the most of your requisite seaside joint.

6. Medicom Toy Sync.-Lisa Larson “Baby Mikey” Travel Pouch: Stash the stuff you actually care about, like your phone, in this convenient cat-covered pouch because there’s, you know, sand and stuff at the beach. 

7. Carhartt Work In Progress Work Towel: Hell, yeah, it is. And this sagacious towel won’t let you forget it.

8. Stanley Adventure Cooler: A cooler is an obvious must. This one offers more than twice the insulation of your average cooler and keeps ice frozen for an impressive 36 hours.

9. Super By Retrosuperfuture Screen Palma Orange Sunglasses: A beach party is the perfect occasion to wear the brightest, most searing pair of shades you can get your hands on.

10. Champion Reverse Weave Palm Beach Shorts: A classic palm tree print is a no-brainer, and Champion’s take is casual and sporty. 

11. Vans Sk8-Hi 38 DX Sneakers: Heavy canvas sneakers in a pair of light colors offer an appealing alternative to run-of-the-mill (and possibly very lame) flip-flops.

12. Richardson One Piece: This logo-sprinkled one-piece has Richardson’s subtle initial all over it, but with a seriously low back and high-waisted cut, the letter could easily represent an R-rating.

13. LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Gloss in Bombshell: Everyone knows L.A. girls love the beach, and this poppin’ lip gloss delivers instant SoCal vibes. Kidding, but not really.   

14. Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel for Face and Body: Who says music festivals are the only venues for using middle school-worthy beauty products you otherwise wouldn’t touch? Bring on the glitter.

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