GO Bootleg and be opportunistic

GO Bootleg and be opportunistic

Prohibition and bootlegging are inextricably linked. When a substance is illegalized, like alcohol was in 1919, there will always be a band of opportunistic rebels providing it from the fringes. The same goes for cannabis and while it’s legal in more parts of the world than ever now, it still is, yes, kind of prohibited. In the spirit of fighting the ever-elusive yet omnipresent man, here are a selection of 2018’s top items that take knockoffs to new levels, poke fun at their fancy-ass selves (hi, Gucci), elicit some illicit behavior and bring the notion of what’s bootlegged back, so to speak. 

1. Mirth Provisions Legal Sparkling Rainier Cherry Hybrid: Who says you have to get drunk to have a good time? A blend of pure cannabis extract and fresh cherry juice will get you buzzed in a different way. 

2. Humboldt Distillery Organic Vodka: Or go harder with a vodka that would have technically been bootlegged a mere few years ago. Sugarcane-based, sativa-infused and even award-winning, this is your liquor upgrade for 2018. 

3. Gucci Rose Beanie with Cat Print: Gucci gets savvily self-mocking with the goods from their latest collection. A bootleg-looking beanie that’s anything but and featuring a cat no less is good for a LOL. 

4. Honeymoon Thugger T-Shirt: Seen enough Thrasher swag to last a lifetime? This take on the recently ubiquitous logo is the tongue-in-cheek answer. 

5. Pure Beauty Pre-Rolls: Decorative and effective: These good-to-smoke beauties from Pure Beauty look like attractive cigarettes but made of whole cannabis, they are obviously infinitely better. (Image by @kalebmarshall)

6. My Bubblegum Fantasy RIP Lighter Case: You’ll need a lighter to accompany those pre-rolls. Why not one that reminds you all your hopes and dreams are six feet under? 

7. Ligne Blanche Andy Warhol “Campbell” Tomato Leaf Candle: Inspired by the work of pop culture’s ultimate imitation artist, this expertly executed riff on a riff has a tomato leaf scent to match its theme.

8. Elisabeth Weinstock Dublin Flask: Pay homage to the original bootleggers (and potential alcohol dependents) with a camouflage-print leather flask worthy of taking everywhere you go. 

9. Chinatown Market Ripstop Packable Sling Pack: Here’s a handy little pouch for carrying your illicit things. Because nothing says, “I’m not suspicious” like a colorful fanny pack! Wear it as a shoulder or crossbody bag. 

10. Cast of Vices Garnet & Sterling Silver Cigarette & Fly Pendant Necklace: Who would think a snubbed-out smoke and a fly would amount to something you want to wear around your neck? In sterling silver and accented with a garnet, the ugly suddenly becomes attractive. 

11. Shirt Raf OFF-WHITE Collection Obama Years Champion Crewneck: Feeling nostalgic? Brought to you by the enigmatic New York City-based bootlegger known as Shirt, this sweatshirt will have you daydreaming of better days. 

12. Pleasures Perfect Polo Cap: Read the phrasing on this cap the way you want. Either way, you win. And perhaps offend. 

13. Faith Connexion Flared Fitted Trousers: It wouldn’t be a decent roundup without a pair of boot-cut pants. But since it’s not 2003, a mega-flares are in order. Particularly this slinky velvet pair by Parisian label Faith Connexion. 

14. Vetements Flame Leather Platform Boots: So it doesn’t get much realer than Vetements and their very Vetements-esque price tags. But these flame-throwing boots are unarguably dope. Then again, you can snap up the Forever21 knockoffs for a miniscule fraction of the price. 

15. Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme!: This primer and mascara pairing delivers fake-looking lashes in under 30 seconds -- and make no mistake, sometimes false-effect lashes are better than the real thing.

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