GO Chill Out. You earned it

GO Chill Out. You earned it

Cue the still ubiquitous “Netflix and chill” jokes (which have been making a steady social media showing for a solid year now). But just because the phrase is played out, it doesn’t mean actually doing it is, and by that we mean in both the literal sense and real meaning of the phrase. Because sometimes you genuinely just want to chill and yeah, watch Netflix. And other times you couldn’t care less that The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones is streaming because the person kicking back on the couch next to you is a lot more enticing than whoever is getting hacked to death on the screen in the background. So here’s to when you’re feeling generally leisurely, being downright lazy, in hangover-recovery mode, or you’re just content to get high and do nothing. You’ve earned it.


1. Fuct OG Logo sweatpants: Think of these as the slouchy, streetwise, and aptly emblazoned sweatpants to wear the day after you’ve gotten “fuct” up.

2. Harding Lane for Opening Ceremony Drumstick hat: A baseball cap with a drumstick of fried chicken on it? Sure, why not? Whenever Opening Ceremony does collaborations, this time with a needlepoint-savvy hat label, they somehow work.

3. Recreator REC Plant Crew T-shirt: This California-based co-op brand is totally local and uses environmentally friendly hemp (along with some organic cotton) to make their supremely soft T-shirts.

4. Westerlind Merino socks: While a guy who relies on a fuzzy pair of slippers likely has questionable judgment (but hey, wear what you want), serious socks are perfectly acceptable. This wool and fiber blend was originally developed in collaboration with the Swedish military, scientists, doctors, and survival experts back in the ‘70s.

5. Re/Done Relaxed Straight jeans: Lean skinny jeans are the last thing you want to wear when you’re straight-up relaxing, but a pair of semi-baggy, beat-up boyfriend jeans is just right. Re/Done repurposes ‘90s-era Levi’s into denim that feels fresh again.

6. Free People Jones camisole: One girl’s undergarment is another’s favorite top. This languid and lightly cropped camisole doubles as both, depending how you wear it – and if you wear a bra under it.

7. T by Alexander Wang Cardigan beanie: The slouchy beanie is an off-duty staple (thank you, Cara Delevingne), and no one nails the cozy-cool shape better than Alexander Wang.

8. Fresh Cannabis Santal eau de parfum: Even if you’re not necessarily going anywhere, it still feels great to smell good. With notes of cannabis accord, along with bergamot, rose, chocolate, and vanilla musk, this emulates the scent of an aromatic strain.

9. Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer: One of the perks of staying home is having instant access to a serious, non-portable vaporizer. This multi-tasker lets you choose between direct draw, air-assisted whip, or balloon delivery.

10. Nixon Marbled Multi Blaster speaker: A Bluetooth speaker is worth having in every room in the house, and one that’s colorfully trippy is a little more lighthearted than standard black.

11. Terrapin Stationers Mary Jane Leaf cards: And if you feel like being moderately productive, you can always write that thank-you card you’ve been meaning to get around to sending. Because there’s something nice about a handwritten note, especially one with a leafy accent.

12. Recreator Canna bandana: Use it to get your hair out of your face or use it as a glorified napkin. Either way, this jersey knit that’s 100% hemp is comfortingly soft and eventually useful.

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