GO Cinco de Mayo and become belligerent in the process with these hand-selected items

GO Cinco de Mayo and become belligerent in the process with these hand-selected items

Cinco de Mayo: The ultimate excuse for gringos to get drunk off tequila both hurtfully dirt-cheap and expensively smooth, and become belligerent in the process, and more officially, a celebration held in commemoration of the Mexican army’s victory over the French at 1862’s Battle of Puebla. Now that you know your history, you’ve earned the right to put on something possibly culturally inappropriate, exclaim, “Caliente!” for no valid reason and swig margaritas with reckless abandon. Ándale.

1. Pendleton Serape Shawl: Mexican men have worn this blanket-like shawl for more than 400 years. Hipster men have worn ponchos only at their boldest and most attention-hungry. Seize the opportunity of Cinco de Mayo.

2. Party City Mexican Sombrero: Or you can opt for the more shameless and arguably more classic sombrero. Nothing says, “Let’s get this fiesta started!” like a wide-brimmed straw hat. Let’s not forget about its actual purpose: Keeping the sun off your face.

3. Cult Gaia Kerri Crown: There’s no valid excuse to wear a flower crown, music festivals included. But if you are going to do it, pick one made of vintage velvet blossoms and do it in the fluorescence of spring when you’re wholeheartedly tipsy.  

4. Miguelina Layna Pareo: A crocheted shawl that moonlights as a sensuous and partially see-through skirt: Take this beach-ready two-timer onto the streets by offsetting it with a cropped leather jacket.

5. Shine Woven Blunt: Take your pass-around party blunt up more than a few notches with Shine’s luxe-looking, semi-24K texture. Share it with only worthy company—or everybody.

6. AirVape Xs in Red Gold: This flower-friendly power vape is barely bigger than a credit card, packs a good amount of herbs, vibrates when it’s good to go, and comes with a discreet leather case.

7. Cocktail Crate Sriracha Margarita Craft Mixer: Most store-bought mixes taste like sour apple Jolly Rancher-flavored battery acid, but Cocktail Crate’s fancy “handmade” stuff makes for the perfect no-brainer spicy margarita.

8. Herradura Silver: Affordable for reckless sharing and pretty easy going down, Herradura is apparently among the top tequilas most popular with people of the female persuasion.

9. The Spice Lab Himalayan Salt Shot Glass & Tray Set: These glasses resemble semi-clear rose quartz, but they’re infused with actual Himalayan sea salt so your shot gets an automatic nuanced boost.

10. Ninja Professional NJ600 Blender: Sure, you can mix your pitcher by hand, but a blender makes your life so much easier, especially one that prides itself on “ultimate crushing action.”

11. Otis & Eleanor Bongo Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker in Venice Beach: This portable speaker made of sustainable bamboo and hemp covers comes with one rule. Nobody’s allowed to play The Champs’ “Tequila.”

12. Warm Body Oil: Fake the feeling of a Tulum vacation with a glow-inducing body oil formulated to smell like “a day at the beach, suntan lotion, sand and salt.”

13. VitaCBD Serendipity Premium Vape E-Juice: What’s coming the next day is almost guaranteed to be a hangover, even if it’s just from guacamole overload. Quell it with a few puffs of cannabidiol enriched with vitamins A, C and E for anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effects.

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