GO Codependence Day and celebrate with a semi-ironic wink

GO Codependence Day and celebrate with a semi-ironic wink

The Fourth of July is the anniversary of our good nation’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence back in 1776. It’s also the biggest barbecue day of the year and a holiday everyone loves because it gets us a day off from work and doesn’t involve enforced family interactions or present-giving. While some might argue the country is currently more divided than it has been in recent memory (and some might be right), let’s use the day to celebrate our codependence - on our favorite stuff, favorite vices, and, of course, each other. Take the unauthorized induction of high summer with a semi-ironic wink.

1. Haerfest Blue Nylon Arch Backpack: Whatever your Fourth of July activities entail, you might need a bag for all that stuff you’re dependent upon. With the support of the CFDA’s Fashion Incubator program, Haerfest delivers staples with a minimalist aesthetic.

2. Supreme x Barrington Levy & Jah Life Shaolin Temple Hooded Sweatshirt: A good collaboration is among the best kinds of codependent relationships. Supreme’s latest union honors the 1979 emergence of dancehall reggae. Also, this will keep you warm post-sunset.

3. Givenchy Slide Sandals: The beachside barbecue is one of the few occasions for which a mandal is appropriate. Plus, these upgraded shower sandals feature a befitting motif.

4. Jeffrey Campbell Gazer Leather Boot: Rationalize a shoe-shopping addiction with starry-eyed boots that suit the occasion. With something like a pair of shredded cut-offs, black leather ankle boots suddenly feel summer-ready.

5. Solid & Striped The Anne-Marie Striped Swimsuit: Who says you need to depend on a top to cover up once you’re away from the pool? Rely on a boldly striped one-piece to double as a bodysuit.

6. Artist Towel Series Barbara Kruger Beach/Bath Towel: Few artists deliver irony like Barbara Kruger and her declarative phrases. With her help, this towel puts our desires and demands right there on the sand or grass.

7. Shine Papers Old Glory Blunt Wrap Pack: More popular than all-beef hot dogs: Give your cannabis dependency a patriotic spin by passing around a star-spangled blunt or two.

8. iHit Dope Stash iPhone 6/6S Case: Few things are sadder than a joint that winds up destroyed in the bottom of your pocket. Utilize a phone case that doubles as a stash-holder and stealthily safe-keep those extra blunts you just rolled.

9. Billionaire Boys Club Mobile Charger: It’s an unfortunate reality that our phones are all too dependent on chargers. Take a NASA-inspired portable charger that has a capacity of 5000mAh, along with a USB cable.

10. Waring Red Metallic Snow Cone Maker: If you’re throwing your own Fourth of July shindig, you’ll need something to offer those guests with sugar dependencies. Get all nostalgic with an old-school yet top-of-the-line snow cone maker.

11. Fatty Sundays Summer Sprinkle Chocolate-Covered Pretzels: Or just keep these crazy-festive treats around that serve as good decorations while they guarantee to satisfy a sweet tooth.

12. Tops Malibu Sparklettes Red, White & Blue: A little on-hand entertainment can go a long way once the fireworks have fizzled, especially ones that make for a sparkly photo op.

13. HUF Premiere Soccer Ball: Balls can come in handy. While the soccer ball is decidedly the most un-American of all the balls (basket, foot, golf…), it’s also the most likely to get kicked around during a picnic.

14. Swedish Dream Sea Salt Hand Crème: Hands depend on hand cream to not feel like sandpaper, and this one, with nautical flair,  manages to be at once Swedish and American in spirit.

15. Angels & Cowboys Rose: Take summer’s unofficial beverage with some yin and yang. This Sonoma County Rose is as easy on the old wallet as it is on the tastebuds.

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