GO Comfort and get cuffed

GO Comfort and get cuffed

It’s that time of year: Now that holiday parties and obligatory shopping sprees have finally come to a halt, words like “nesting,” “hibernating” and the more contemporary “cuffing season” (in case you aren’t familiar, it’s when people who would normally be single try to get into a “serious” relationship during the fall and winter months) will be thrown around more than ever. Whether or not you’re aiming to get cuffed, this selection of cozy, soothing stuff will make you feel better about the impending doom of the winter months.

1. Homesick Candle: Each candle is uniquely created to smell like your hometown state, from Hawaii to Tennessee to New Jersey, so when you're feeling like getting in touch with your roots, you can light a flame for instant comfort. 

2. Album Quilts "A" Pillow: Denim on denim: It works for a look and it works for a precisely cut patchwork décor accent. This pillow also wisely recognizes the rule that you need to make sure your denims don’t match when mixing them.

3. Lo-Fi Burner Stress Reliever: There’s a high chance your current phone is as much a source of stress as it is convenience, but back in the day, its low-tech ancestor didn’t have enough going on to induce too much anxiety. Lo-Fi’s cushy stress reliever brings you back to simpler times.

4. Pure Vape Premium CO2 Indica Oil Wiz Khalifa OG: Take a moment to chill out with Pure Vape’s indica oil. It tastes like cannabis and the Wiz Khalifa OG strain will get you extremely comfortable, even if cuffing season has led you to an uncomfortable situation.

5. Zigzagzurich Made By Rain Duvet Cover Set: There’s nothing like sinking into a bed of crisp, fresh sheets. Except for a bed of brand-new crisp, fresh sheets. This splatter design is equal parts abstract and minimal.

6. Ripndip Go Away Rug: There’s no place as comfortable as home. All the more reason to get a welcome mat that will make those who approach it a little uncomfortable—or probably just make them smile.

7. H.D. Buttercup Troy Velocity Blue Steel Chair: There’s something so grown-up and old-school about having “your chair.” It’s also a cozy notion, especially in the form of cushy velvet.

8. Adidas Ultra Boost LTD Triple Black: The whole point of sneakers is that they’re comfortable, but levels come in varying degrees. Up there with the best of them, Adidas’ monochrome Ultra Boosts are as covetable as they are cushy. 

9. MSBHV Drew Warm Denim Jacket: So a jean jacket lined in rabbit fur isn’t for everyone, and nor should it be. But the way this one is executed is low-key and inviting, not overly flamboyant.

10. Acne Studios Auden Blanket Coat: The next best thing to an actual blanket? A coat that feels like a woolen blanket. Actually, Acne’s lengthy, leather-trimmed coat, full and fitted in the right places, is much better.

11. Wild and Woolly Vincennes iPhone Case: Guilty of a technology dependency? Just try putting your iPhone down once it’s been outfitted in an explosion of electric blue-dyed fox fur.

12. Opening Ceremony Faux-Fur Backpack Keychain: If a keychain fashioned into a furry backpack sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is. But it’s also practical, perfect for storing spare change or your stash.

13. Armor Lux x Opening Ceremony Leopard Slippers: Double up on wildcat-spotted gifts for your best friend or yourself by pairing the keychain with these slippers. Not the slipper type? If anyone can change your mind, it’s the collaborative minds behind Opening Ceremony.

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