GO Day Drinking and feel good about small accomplishments

GO Day Drinking and feel good about small accomplishments

There are days when you want to be productive, get work done, take care of your shit and feel good about small accomplishments you’ve made at the end. This isn’t one of those days. Long stretches of daylight are practically made for drifting away or getting rowdy with your favorite beverage in hand. Did you know you’re twice as likely to get drunk if you’re drinking while the sun is up? That’s not true, but it certainly feels like you get more wasted, more quickly in the daytime. Whether you take a siesta or power through into the evening hours is up to you. Right now, it’s about living in the irresponsible moment. 

1. Viski Belmont Gold-Plated Flask: Unless you’re sneaking into a movie theater or you’re just kind of cheap (not that there’s anything wrong with that), odds are you won’t feel the need for a flask. But it’s always wise to come prepared. 

2. Denim By Vanquish & Fragment Icon Bunker Ring: Decrease the chances of dropping your phone once you're tipsy by attaching this bunker ring to the back so you’ll always have a handle on it.

3. Back Me Up! Mobile Charger: Speaking of phones, drunk texting, anyone? We don’t condone it, but it’s probably going to happen, which means your battery will be in the red zone before you know it. Avoid harassing the bartender for a charger with a portable one of your own that offers free refills. 

4. Wine2Go The Foldable Wine Bottle: Aren’t you tired of lugging around cumbersome glass bottles of wine all day long? Your prayers have been answered. This portable piece of brilliance holds a full bottle of wine and flexibly fits in your bag. 

5. Heavy Hitters Vape Pen: Drink hard, smoke hard. Heavy Hitters claims it has “the highest THC potency” on the market, so choose your favorite among the brand's multiple strains and keep this in your pocket.  

6. Neil Barrett Black Classic Thunderbolt Wallet: Unless you’re a hot girl who works it at the bar, you inevitably spend money when you drink. More money than you would not drinking. Keep track of your cash with a wallet with just enough flash. 

7. HPC Trading Co. Heron Bird Wallet Chain: When you get sloppy, you also lose stuff, like that previously mentioned wallet. The wallet chain is back and topped with a silver heron bird charm, and this one strikes peak heavy-metal irony. 

8. J.W. Anderson Black & White Penis Keychain: Be ready when someone calls you a dick. Exclusive on SSENSE, It-Brit designer J.W. Anderson’s two-faced black-and-white keychain has balls.  

9. Thirsty Rhino Make America Drunk Again Powder-Coated Steel Bottle Opener: Classy and practical! This bottle-opener speaks for itself. 

10. Menace Oversized Stencil Brushed-Twill Jacket: What up, menace? Spread the word that you’re on a tear today before you even say anything. 

11. Jordan Brand Air Jordan 4 Retro Sneakers: Even if you can’t feel your feet by sunset, comfort is key. Step it up with a new pair of always-in-style Air Jordan kicks that won’t show scuffs like a white pair. 

12. House of Holland Embroidered Crop Top: Get into the spirit of the day with an effortless new crop top that makes the perfect complement to your cutoffs. Henry Holland’s take on feminine denim and bold details is not to be taken too seriously. 

13. Glossier Balm Dotcom in Birthday: Lipstick gets messy, especially when you’re getting even messier. Inspired by Milk Bar’s beloved flavor, Glossier’s newest lip gloss is imbued with appropriately festive shimmer. 

14. Alexander Wang Attica Fanny Pack: The fanny pack is back for real, so it’s time to go unfettered. That’s one more hand free for holding a cocktail. In washed black leather with rhodium metal, Alexander Wang keeps his street-tough. 

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