GO Day of the Dead and honor the departed

GO Day of the Dead and honor the departed

Make no mistake: Day of the Dead, more officially known as Dia de los Muertas and falling on the first of November, corresponding with All Saint’s Day, is not just an excuse for you to paint your face up like a skull and wear kooky clothing. The Mexican holiday when the boundary between the living and the dead is believed to be at its thinnest is “a joyful statement about the acceptance of death,” one intended to honor the departed. Which is why people throw parties where they adorn altars and graves with ofrendas, like food, hot cocoa, soda, liquor, water and tobacco, then have a good time. So take a cue and remember life is not just for the living.  

1. Cannibal Confections Chocolate Skull: Artist Marina Malvada casts these imported, premium Belgian chocolate treats from real human skulls, then hand-dusts them with cocoa for morbidity with a sweet side.

2. Mehron Paradise AQ 8-Color Palette in Basic: The makeup artist’s choice for painting your face in the fashion of a calavera. Use a kabuki brush to apply the white shade all over your face as a base and take it from there.

3. Loosey Lu’s Herbal Smoking Blend: Everyone knows smoking is ceremonial, so make an offering that will please everyone. Loosey Lu's Mountain Rose Herbs are organic, mild, and work really well when mixed with flower. 

4. Anna by Rablabs Héritage Ice Bucket: Cheers to the most decadent ice bucket imagined by the living or dead. Inspired by sleek mid-20th century design and topped with a naturalistic chunk of amethyst, it will upgrade your cheap prosecco in a second. 

5. Skull Style: Skulls in Contemporary Art and Design: Chances are you’re going out, so save this book for the morning (or afternoon) after. Packed with savvy design elements, it explores the journey of the skull from evil emblem to trendy symbol – and looks really nice on a coffee table. 

6. Raised by Wolves Amber Incense: Set the mood while you’re getting ready – and possibly lure over some spirits – with handmade amber incense topped with notes of musk and sandalwood. 

7. Candlehand Hand Gesture You Rock Candle: Light a candle and let those who’ve gone before know they still totally rock. Or at the very least, that you have eclectic taste in candles. 

8. SipDark The Original Whiskey Bullet: Contemplate your own mortality with every swig, thanks to these liquor-chilling stainless steel bullets. Choose between a set of three or six. 

9. El Jolgorio Madrecuixe Mezcal: But who’s drinking prosecco? It’s all about paying homage with a good tequila or traditional mezcal. Mezcal is often a vital part of certain rituals and festivities in Mexican villages, not so coincidentally known as jolgorios

10. Men In Cities Tibetan Mask Tie Clip: Sure, this would be a little too “Edgar Allen Poe” any other time of year, but now, it’s completely appropriate. It’s also inspired by hand-carved Tibetan masks in Nepal. 

11. Cult Gaia Velvet Noir Crown in Red: At this point, flower crowns have become so passé they’re cool again, and besides, no Day of the Dead look is complete without a festive wreath of petals. 

12. Wildfox Couture Inside Out Kim’s Sweater: If you’re going to half-ass your costume, at least get something you’ll wear again, like a neutral sweatshirt that makes you look really skinny, and be comfortable in the process. 

13. The Gypsy Shrine Jasmine Candy Skull Face Jewels: Add some sparkle to all that face paint with some glitzy stickers for your face. Press them on and go tear shit up! 

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