GO Detox because there's no time like now

April 9, 2018

Detoxes don’t have to involve endless bottles of lemon juice and cayenne pepper or nothing but green juice for days. Considering the fact that 61 percent of people check their phones within the first five minutes of waking up in the morning (and barely stop throughout the day), most of us could use a little technology detox. Or just a break from all the outside noise. While it’s a little early for spring cleaning, you can still get a jumpstart on eliminating the clutter, both in your mind and externally, because there’s no time like the present moment. 

1. The Weekend Box CBD: Refresh yourself on the 15th of every month with a subscription we can get behind. Curated for your “maximum wellness,” each Weekend Box is packed with creams, teas, bath salts and CBD pens ideal for hitting the reset button every four weeks. 

2. Dirty Lemon Matcha: It wouldn’t be a proper detox without at least some form of liquid lauded by the health-conscious crowd. Dirty Lemon has branched out with their take on matcha, which naturally increases energy and boosts your metabolism. Plus, the packaging is super sleek. 

3. Dr. Barbara Sturm Glow Drops: Mineral pigments, like bistort root and sweet almond oil, have been blended for a serum that provides you with an instant glow. So even if you’ve been staring at a computer screen under fluorescent lights for eight hours straight, you won’t look like it. 

4. De La Beuh Body CBD Kaleidoscope Bath Bomb: Take your CBD into the tub by way of this glittering, rainbow-hued and citrus-scented bath bomb, making for the ultimate purifying party-time soak. 

5. Mastermind World Towel Set: After you’ve cleansed your body, wrap it up in a towel worthy of your rejuvenated self. Mastermind World’s set of two has their iconic logo and minimal fussiness. 

6. KAWS x Peanuts Toy: Snuggle up with a stuffed animal that’s totally adult-appropriate. Artist KAWS got together with Peanuts to create a rendition of Snoopy that’s almost unrecognizable. 

7. Medicom Toy Sync. - Jackson Pollock Studio "Jackson Pollock 2" Square Cushion: Never underestimate the power of a good 10-minute meditation or a 20-minute power (or disco, depending on your hours) nap. A Jackson Pollock-splattered pillow ought to help. 

8. Nike Jordan Hyper Grip 4P: Put the gadgets down and take it outside. A black Jordan-edition basketball might be motivation enough to hit the streets to shoot some old-fashioned hoops. 

9. Byredo Suede Hand Sanitizer: Purell what? With notes of bergamot, violet and amber, Byredo’s moisturizing hand sanitizer will have you spoiled for life. 

10. Richardson Mag RH Notebook:  When’s the last time you hand-wrote something that’s not your signature on a receipt? Take some time to put some thoughts down on paper. Your soul will thank you. 

11. Hempathy Therapy Cream: An organic mix of ingredients from the earth, like aloe, calendula and, of course, CBD hemp extract can help with a multitude of problems that living in the world causes—like anxiety, inflammation, muscle spasms, insomnia, cramps, joint pain and dry skin. 

12. Opening Ceremony PVC Mesh Clutch: Made of slick water-resistant PVC, this logo-trimmed clutch is just begging to be filled with self-care products. 

13. Joyrich Coca-Cola Fur iPhone 7 Plus Case: A case that covers your phone screen means you’ll automatically look at it less, and this one is so plush and fuzzy, you won’t want to take it off. Bonus: It also functions as a wallet. 

14. Aries No Problemo Printed Fleece Back Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt: No WiFi? No problemo! Actually, if you’re genuinely detoxing your head of all the noise and nonsense, it’s a positive. 

15. Helmut Lang Lucite Clutch: Clear bag, clear mind: Get inspired to minimize the amount of stuff you carry with Helmut Lang’s '90s-inspired tube of transparent lucite. 

16. Y.R.U. Weed Loafers: Wear your heart on your shoe. These smoking slippers will make you want to take it easy, in more ways than one. 

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