GO Escape and ignore the noise

GO Escape and ignore the noise

Let’s talk about quality of life. It’s really important, but our culture tends to value it a whole lot less than working a forty-plus-hour week. What drudgery! Sometimes an escape is in order. Let’s take a cue from the Europeans and think of it as a nice necessity, not a brazen act of luxury. Plan a trip, get out of town, ignore the noise or just zone out for a few hours: Whatever it takes to take a break. But first, a few things to get you in escape mode: 

1. Happy Plugs Ear Piece Wireless Earphone: Often times, the way to tune out the meaningless chatter is with other noise. These discreet Bluetooth earphones are jewelry-inspired and offer five hours of uninterrupted listening time. 

2. Advisory Board Crystals iPhone Bag: On the hunt for something better? Put that phone away and take a look around at the scenery for a change. This streamlined pouch means you’re on the move with minimal encumbrance. 

3. ManeMane Melted Frame Sunglasses: Spanish-designed and Japanese-made: These offbeat squiggly-frame glasses will have you seeing the world through rose-colored lenses, which isn’t a bad thing. 

4. Rimowa North America Salsa Air Lime Green 26” Multiwheel Luggage: Sleek, streamlined and unmistakable: This piece of essential luggage in lime green begs to be taken on vacation to a tropical locale. 

5. Pendleton La Paz Spa Towel: From the bathtub to the beach, a statement towel is an instant upgrade. But obviously, this supremely oversized, Southwestern-inspired towel looks better out on the sand. 

6. High Society Collection x Sweetflag Smoke Ring: A wearable turquoise-accented ring that holds your joint or blunt for an elegant smoking session is a total novelty piece, which is exactly what makes it covetable. 

7. Bob Marley King Pure Hemp Rolling Papers: Perhaps Bob asked it best, “Open up your eyes. Look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” Ponder it while you smoke a joint with one of his rolling papers.

8. Eel River Organics Palm Battery and Charger: This new vape cartridge charger is micro-USB rechargeable, inhale-activated and comes with a 550mAh capacity (that’s pretty good) for ultimate convenience, so you’re never without a much-needed hit. Pair it with Eel River Nectar Cartridges

9. Versace Beverly Palm Print Wash Bag: This leather pouch, ideal for toiletries or better yet, your cannabis stash, pays homage to the early designs of Gianni Versace with a perky palm motif. 

10. Palm Angels Legalize It Hoodie: Get comfortable in a hooded sweatshirt that says what we’re all thinking. Extra points for the fact that bright yellow brings the sunshine. 

11. Braindead x Suicoke KISEE-VPOBD Sandals: Nothing says “I’m off-duty and on holiday” like a pair of sandals. Make your mode known. 

12. G-Shock GA110PC '90s Pastel Color Watch: You don’t want to worry about ruining your nice watch when you’re traipsing around some uncharted exotic locale. At under a hundred bucks, this nod to the early aughts is your alternative. 

13. Nike Air Huarache City Sneakers: All bright, tropical colors and shiny-smooth texture, plus removable straps: These fresh kicks are like a vacation for your feet. 

14. Lisa Marie Fernandez Mira Flounce Ruffled Off-the-Shoulder Polka-Dot Bikini: A cute bikini that translates into a top for your post-beach plans? Done. 

15. Charlotte Tilbury Lip to Cheek Dewy Color Pop Beach Stick: Even if you’re not escaping your apartment, Charlotte Tilbury’s beach stick in Ibiza will have you bronzed and glowy in a single swipe across the cheekbones.

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