GO Gifted for things that people don’t know they need yet

GO Gifted for things that people don’t know they need yet

A gift should be something no one needs but most certainly wants, or perhaps better yet, didn’t know they wanted until you gave it to them. A gift should also be something you’d like to keep yourself because it’s cool, but deep down, you know it’s better-suited and more deserved by the recipient. Or maybe you don’t, and you’re just being nice for once! Either way, it's always nice to be generous, or at least do a convincing job of pretending. 

1. Meegan Barnes OC Booty Vase: It’s a metallic gold thong on pretty glorious leaf-accented butt cheeks. Or it’s something you put flowers in. Actually, it’s both, and designed by sculptor Meegan Barnes, it’s perfectly striking. 

2. Lola James Harper Music Studio Candle: Ever wish your home smelled like a recording studio? Probably not, but once you get a whiff of this nostalgic candle featuring notes of cashmeran, musk and rose, you'll rethink the concept of candles.

3. Slip Sleep Mask: Give the priceless gift of a good night’s sleep. Or at least the suggestion of it with a silky, pillowy eye mask that says you’re something of a luxury expert. 

4. Stance Juicy Socks: It’s safe to say most people wear socks and most people also appreciate Biggie. Put them together, and you’ve got a near-guaranteed hit. 

5. Headdies 3D-Printed DabVac: You’d have to be crazy not to appreciate a 3D-printed DabVac, right? Especially when it’s produced in limited quantity on a 3D-printer. 

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cookbook: Everyone loves pizza, but does anyone love it more than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Let’s defer to the experts for a seemingly endless supply of New York City-style, Californian and Italian pizza recipe ideas.

7. Happy Plugs Lightning Charge/Sync Cable: Why not charge your phone with love? The attached cord measures nearly 80 inches in length so you can use your gadget while you give it some juice. 

8. 1964 Supply Co. Train Wreck Strain: It’s hard to say what’s better about this present: the dreamy packaging, featuring a watercolor motif by artist Ben Tour, or the dreamy stuff inside. This indica is for a hardcore enthusiast. 

9. Moschino Printed Coated-Acrylic iPhone 7 Case: One could argue this is for a child, but a child really shouldn’t own an iPhone 7. On the flipside, something My Little Pony themed is excellent for an adult. 

10. Fucking Awesome Grey Censored Logo Hoodie: Don’t give this to someone who’s not fucking awesome. Definitely do give it to someone who is fucking awesome. It’s a pretty straightforward present. 

11. Dady Bones Paradice Earrings: For the lady in your life who brings you luck, and who you’re not seriously committed to: a pair of fuzzy, funny “puff cube” earrings that say novelty, not investment.

12. Sami Miro Vintage Valentina Mesh Bodysuit: What to get the girl who has everything but doesn’t like to wear much? LA-based stylist Sami Miro applied her rough-around-the-edges aesthetic, via swatches of vintage denim, to sheer mesh bodysuits and the result is rebelliously sexy. 

13. Are You Am I Amare Necklaces: Remember those cheap necklaces you used to buy at places like Claire’s Accessories to show off the fact you had a best friend? This duo of gold-plated pendants is the grown-up version. And yes, you still want to show off your best friend status.

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