GO Harvest and indulge in some fresh picks

GO Harvest and indulge in some fresh picks

It’s harvest time, but all you fruit and vegetable farmers out there already know that. It also applies to cannabis cultivation; shorter days mean more darkness, which sends a signal to the plants that it’s time to mature. Harvesting cannabis also takes a lot of patience, from precision-perfect timing (cut the buds too early and they haven’t produced enough resin, too late and THC production has already halted) to the fine art of trichome examination, which should probably involve a microscope. Whether or not you prefer your buds store bought, or acquired on the black market, for that matter, here are some fresh picks to get you in the swing of the season. 

1. Lisa Sitko Apple Pipe: Forget apple-picking. Grab this hand-made ceramic pipe, fashioned into the likeness of your choice of a Granny Smith, McIntosh or Pippin, as a more appealing alternative to actual fruit.

2. Hummingbird Medicinals Flower in Green Crack: Hummingbird Medicinals harnesses the natural power of the sun to grow their organic cannabis in the Sierra Nevada foothills, the ideal climate for such a harvest. Opt for energy-sharpening Green Crack to get you refocused this fall. 

3. Pendleton 5th Avenue Acadia Park Throw: Cozy up to a warm yet lightweight blanket of super-fine merino wool by Pendleton, the quintessential brand for ruggedly decorative throws. 

4. Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife Spartan: Feeling outdoorsy? You’ll definitely feel more prepared with this Spartan knife, complete with two blades, a bottle-opener, corkscrew, tweezers, screwdriver and about a hundred other features, on hand. 

5. A.P.C. Snap-Buckle Backpack: Just in case you do go apple-picking, you’re going to need a place to stash all that freshly grabbed fruit, right? A water-repellent cotton canvas backpack is great for holding the best bounty of the harvest. 

6. & 7. Head Porter Lesson Dog Collar and Lead: Your dog deserves to look autumnal in plaid flannel too, so trick him out in a coordinated collar-and-leash combination that’s just a little bit preppy. 

8. Apothecanna Extra-Strength Relieving Crème: Cooler, dryer air means your joints and muscles might be on the tight side. Let Apothecanna’s anti-inflammatory extracts of peppermint, juniper, arnica and, of course, CBD ease the pain.

9. Morihata Binchotan Air Purifying Cube: With more time spent indoors, it’d be wise to clear the air around your house with the help of a small but powerful cube made of activated bamboo charcoal and clay.

10. Feuerhand Storm Lantern: Time to bunker down! This galvanized steel lantern, offering 20 hours worth of burn time, makes for a nice, autumnal addition to your décor even if you never bother lighting it. 

11. And Wander Dinex Mug: An insulated mug, accented by a coordinating carabiner, you know, just in case, means you can take your hot coffee out into the brisk air. 

12. Pintrill Maple Leaf Pin: Maple leaf or color-corrected cannabis leaf? Either way, this little pin feels appropriate right about now.

13. Maharishi Camo Smock Jacket: A military-flavored jacket is a seasonal classic, and this one, with complete attention to detail, is destined to get worn to death. 

14. Undercover Balance/Chaos Gloves: You can’t have one without the other right? These otherwise completely neutral buffed sheepskin gloves will subtly remind you it’s all about that ebb and flow. 

15. JINSoon Nail Polish in Epidote: Nothing reflects an official seasonal shift like the switch to a deeper nail color. Go for the unexpected with a highly iridescent shade of metallic army green that’s surprisingly wearable. 

16. Stance x Rihanna Lotus Thigh-High Socks: In the fight to avoid committing to tights for as long as possible, a good pair of thigh-high socks is your weapon. Inspired by the girls and legends of ancient Japan, Stance x Rihanna’s lotus flower and calligraphy print is just eye-catching enough.

17. Winky Lux Flower Balm Green: This balmy coconut-flavored lip stain goes on clear, then reacts to your skin’s pH levels to adjust to a shade of pink that’s personal to you. Each bullet packs a tiny chrysanthemum for an extra hint of whimsy. 

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