GO Headbangers and get heavy

GO Headbangers and get heavy

Some might argue heavy metal had its heyday back in the eighties and early nineties when bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Slayer and Megadeth held their reign. But while the popularity of genres ebbs and flows, metal never dies (Seattle has been seeing a resurgence in the last couple years, for one thing)—and neither does the satisfaction that comes with thrashing around a mosh pit, screaming and sweating your guts out and perhaps taking a steel-toed boot to the face. 

1. Heavy Grass Pre-Rolled Joints: A night that has you going hard requires a joint that can keep up. Heavy Grass delivers 100% premium flower in perfectly pre-rolled joints for a maximum high with minimal messing around.

*Product is available in select Oakland, CA and Sacramento dispensaries 

2. Marshall Kilbrun Stereo: Lightweight and fit for heavy metal, this classic Marshall speaker has been updated to go on the road with you, guaranteeing 20 hours of unrestrained battery life. 

3. MASON Re-Animator Skate Deck: MASON is the banging brainchild of the former head of Kanye West’s DONDA design studio. Now he’s taking references from his gritty adolescence for his own metal-influenced label. A skate deck seems requisite.

4. Wattzup Grin Charger: Artist Ron English collaborated with USB charger producer Wattzup Power to create an in-your-face and on-the-go charger with 2,600 mAh of battery capacity that’s both iPhone- and Android-compatible.

5. Urban Decay All Nighter Waterproof Mechanic Eyeliner: Take your look from sweet to smutty with the swipe of a pencil. Urban Decay’s Perversion is the blackest of all blacks, and it’ll last through all the sweat that comes with a proper night of headbanging.

6. NaNa-NaNa Metal iPhone Case: One word says it all: This Japanese gadget accessories label delivers pieces that are discreet yet effective.

7. NECA Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet: Safety is kind of weak, but if you’re going to protect yourself, this one, inspired by the Master Chief’s headgear from the Halo video games, will prove you’re very serious about not dying and stuff.

8. Ed Banger Records for Aiaiai Ed Phones: If you can’t go to the concert, bring the concert to you. These cushy headphones are designed for “bass-lovers and those who like it loud.” That’s you. 

9. Alexander Wang Primary Drawstring Backpack: Even though he’s mainstream, everything Alex Wang does is inherently subversive, including this “Night of Treason” slouchy backpack featuring white rave flyer chenille.

10. B.C. Rich Warlock Electric Guitar: For sound effects or visual effects? With hard-tail construction and a friendly price point, you can do whatever you want with this entry-level guitar. 

11. Heavy Grass Gullotine T-Shirt: “The loudest weed brand in the world” delivers badass T-shirts that will ensure you most definitely don’t look like a poser.

12. Helmut Lang Black Speed Lace Boots: Every self-respecting headbanger has a pair of boots that will withstand just about anything. Invest in a pair you can literally live in. 

13. Atelierwonder Enchanted Hand Painted Jeans: Snakes and horns galore: Atelierwonder hand paints every single pair of their pants in their Montreal studio. Best of all, they’re designed to get dirty. 

14. New Rock Apocalypse Platform Shoes: Who says pink has to be pretty? Come prepared to stomp around with New Rock’s amped-up industrial boots.

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