GO Heat Wave and embrace it

GO Heat Wave and embrace it

The number one piece of advice for getting through a heat wave: Don’t fight the heat. Embrace it. This advice also applies to other aspects of life you can’t control, like the fine lines that come with the human aging process or visiting your family during the holidays. But back to heat waves: It’s high summer and the climax means climaxing temperatures. When the air conditioner on blast isn’t an option, revel in the season’s fervor and the sense of stripped-down liberation that comes with it.

1. Australian Gold SPF 15 Spray Gel Sunscreen with Instant Bronzer: Use this as an opportunity to show off your tan. With the automatic glow this stuff offers, you won’t need to do anything but blend it into your skin.

2. Kopari Organic Coconut Melt: If you’re going to be showing more skin than usual, you’d might as well make sure that skin is dewy and moisturized. This pure coconut oil also doubles as a hair mask.

3. Current Mood Naïve iPhone Case: Keep your phone hydrated with an oversized phone case that mimics the classic Evian bottle.

4. SunnyLife Portable Beach MP3 Speaker: Designed to weather the summer elements, this speaker, featuring a radio and smartphone holder, is sand- and water-resistant. And it looks like a toy.

5. Lowell Smokes Premium Pre-Rolled Joints: Embracing the sultry temperature means inviting in a little more heat, courtesy of Lowell’s pack of ten .6 gram joints, each containing between 22 percent and 25 percent THC, pre-rolled so all you have to do is light up. 

6. Supreme x Coleman CT200 Mini Bike: Motorized mini-bikes are usually reserved for lazy assholes. But who wants to use actual energy to move around in a heat wave? Not you.

7. Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant: You’re going to be sweating your balls off, so ensure you smell good when you do it. Native uses only natural ingredients, but they actually work.

8. Smitten Sonoma Rosé Ice Cream: Yes, rosé ice cream is a real thing. Blended with the flavor of sweet cream, it’s surprisingly good, especially when you eat it with pink wine.

9. KNYEW Embroidered Champion Mesh Shorts: Now is not the time for “real clothes.” Live it up in a fresh pair of super-chill basketball shorts.

10. Denim by Vanquish & Fragment Shower Sandals: Now is not the time for real shoes, either. Slide into some sweet shower sandals and be your most comfortable self.

11. Fenty x Puma Foldable Lace Fan with Strap: You’re probably not going to walk around fanning yourself like Marie Antoinette. But if there’s an accessory to inspire you to do so, it’s this girly-sporty creation.

12. Justine Clenquet x OC Joe Hoop in Hoop Earrings: Keep your jewelry clean, minimal and cool, and ditch it all save for a pair of unexpected hoop earrings.

13. Amir Slama Fringe Bikini Top: Catch a breeze through the exaggerated fringe of a crocheted top that functions far past the beach.

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