GO Hit the Road because sometimes we need to escape

February 22, 2019

Spring is about renewalbut it can also be depressing. The weather leaves something to be desired, and bank holidays aren’t exactly plentiful. Many of us become bored and disillusioned after months of rising and grinding with no vacation in sight. Which is why a simple weekend road trip can do wonders for your psyche. You can eat fast food and listen to Top 40 without judgement. You can experience nature, or experience whatever campy roadside attraction comes your way. Road trips remind us that the world is so much larger than our tiny, humdrum existence. So take a couple of days off—and escape.

1. YETI Roadie Cooler: The 7-Eleven Slurpee can be tempting, but bringing a cooler full of Pellegrino is decidedly more adult.   

2. Balenciaga Hotel Diamond Key Ring: Don’t worry about spending $300 on a keychain that you might lose. This embossed leather charm is so massive that misplacing your keys becomes downright impossible.

3. Diptyque Car Diffuser: Air fresheners are generally nausea-inducing (think: Black Ice), but thankfully Diptyque created an upscale alternative that won’t leave you gasping for breath on the side of a highway.

4. Vybes Maracuja Sparkling 12 pack: Quell your traffic-induced anxiety with this CBD-infused beverage from the geniuses at Vybes.

5. Supreme Thermos: Bringing a Supreme Thermos on a camping trip is the definition of extra, but don’t let that stop you.  

6. Bose Portable Speaker: Liven up your picnic in the national park with this powerful, compact speaker from Bose.

7. Marc Jacobs Bootleg Grunge Smiley Socks: Nirvana is currently suing Marc Jacobs for copyright infringement, making these socks an instant collector’s item.

8. Statemade 'Joy' Pre-Rolls: Do not drop the ball and forget to bring pre-rolls. Just remember to take them out of the glove compartment before you return the rental car.

9. Prada Logo Nylon Visor: Lean into the Dad-on-a-cross-country-road-trip aesthetic with this classic nylon visor from Prada.

10. Snap Wireless Car Charger / Mount: If you must talk on the phone while driving, keep it secure with this game-changing charger. It connects wirelessly and uses magnets to hold the phone in place.

11. McDonald's French Fries: No road trip is complete without an obligatory trip to McDonald's. The fries are a timeless classic, and the bathrooms are slightly less disgusting than your average rest stop.

12. SSS World Corp Weed Hibiscus Swim Shorts: A cannabis print so subtle that your mom will think that they’re just pretty leaves.

13. Fucking Awesome Beach Towel: Do not steal hotel towels for your jaunt to the beach. Come prepared with a proper beach towel, ideally this heavily-branded option from Fucking Awesome.  

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