GO Holiday Gift Guide

GO Holiday Gift Guide

Santa Claus smokes a pipe, digs soft velvety suits, eats cookies late at night, makes lots of lists, checks them twice, and thinks his reindeer can fly. Now throw in the fact that St. Nick is the patron saint of Amsterdam (can't make that shit up), and the reality is staring us in the face: That's not mistletoe Santa's smoking. And if the original gift giver soars high with or without a sleigh, Santa would surely approve of a holiday gift guide packed with cannabis products and accessories. Better still, put together a holiday gift basket for your friends and loved ones filled with thoughtfully paired products like these. 

1. Hempathy CBD Topical + 2. Happy Buddha CBD Pen + 3. Kikoko SYMPA-TEA: Give the gift of wellness with a trio of cannabidiol (CBD) products to help start 2018 right. Hempathy, a moisturizing blend of organic goodness that includes aloe leaf, calendula flower and 125mg of CBD, works great with everyone's annual New Year's resolution (i.e., getting back in the gym). The spirit is strong, but the body is usually weak, and this CBD cream will help relieve the muscle soreness that comes with getting reacquainted with dumbbells (brothers-in-law excluded). For added holiday bliss, enlighten your gift pairing with a Happy Buddha CBD pen. The disposable vape, which comes in farm-fresh strawberry (Zen) and citrusy orange-vanilla sherbert (Lotus) flavors, offers sweet-tasting draws that'll take the edge off whatever ails ya, from airport pickups to spiked eggnog hangovers. Finally, the ladies at Kikoko have a gift that could make a British tea snob smile. Their orange-ginger Sympa-tea contains 20mg of CBD and 3mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in each pain- and anxiety-relieving cup.

4. Heavy Grass Pre-Rolled Joints + 5. Heavy Grass Hoodie: For tastemaking metalheads, pair a pack of perfectly pre-rolled Heavy Grass joints with a black fleece Heavy Grass hoodie. The pre-rolls tell the headbanger in your life that you know high-quality sweet leaf, and the zip-up hoodie with front and back designs shows you're ready to crank that amp to 11. Always remember, you're never too heavy to get higher. 

6. Four Mogils Cutlery + 7. Pot d'Huile: It's been said that chefs are the new rock stars. Both jobs require late nights and sensory indulgences, and while most chefs don't know how to rock, they certainly know how to roll. Expertise in baking, smoking, rolling, extracting, and measuring grams and ounces help make chefs cannabis rock stars, and you can spotlight the stove master in your life with a Four Mogils smoked knife and Pot d'Huile infused olive oil. Forged and hammered with 67 layers of Japanese steel in the tradition of Damascus sword making, the eight-inch blade empowers razor-sharp slicing with enhanced speed and accuracy. The chef's knife comes in an eco-friendly bamboo travel case that opens up into a first-class cutting board. Save the hot knifing for your CostCo blades, and use the smoked knife to chop up a selection of smoked meats and cheeses. This charcuterie board will go beautifully with Pot d'Huile extra virgin olive oil. Offering a full terpene profile, the cannabis-infused oil is made with lush Spanish olives from Catalan and southern Spain.

8. PUNCH Chocolates + 9. 2Rise Naturals CBD Tincture: Taking a punch to the mouth might not sound healthy, but this PUNCH delivers a power-packed 90mg of CBD in a great-tasting chocolate. What could be better than healthy chocolate? Since you asked, PUNCH C-90 is solvent-, pesticide- and THC-free, and it comes in five flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, blackberry dark chocolate, mint dark chocolate and toffee milk chocolate. Each bar can be broken into nine pieces with 10mg of CBD each. As part of a gift that promotes a healthy lifestyle, include the Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture from 2Rise Naturals. The tasty tincture contains a balanced mix of coconut-derived MCT oil, hemp extract, orange essential oil, sunflower lecithin, organic terpenes, and oil from wild turmeric foraged in its natural habitat. The full-spectrum oil provides the anxiolytic and pain-relieving effects of CBD and so much more. 

10. Hora Super Serum + 11. Park Life Kin Slips: Pop quiz… name an antioxidant that's more powerful than omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E? If you guessed CBD, you'd be right, and its benefits extend beyond helping with anxiety, stress, pain and inflammation. When made into a cream, CBD also promotes the healthy regeneration of skin cells, and the skincare company Hora harnessed this rejuvenating power into a premium CBD face cream. But Hora didn't stop there. The Super Serum also promotes anti-aging with marine collagen, moisturizing with argan oil, soothing with vitamin B3 and hydration with hyaluronic acid, among other natural benefits. Of course, it's important to be beautiful inside and out, so pair the Hora face cream with the mango- and turmeric-flavored Park Life strips from Kin Slips. These sublingual strips go under the tongue for rapid absorption and activation, and each strip contains 10mg of CBD. Everyone can appreciate CBD's wide-ranging benefits, and who won't need fast-acting pain relief after New Year's Eve? Kin Slips also produces Cloud Buster and Nice Dream strips with different flavors and varying degrees of THC. 

12. Headdies DabVac + 13. INDA Pipe Keychain: Did Santa ever join the Illuminati? Probably not if Mrs. Claus had anything to do with it, but you'll feel like an enlightened society member with the limited-edition Illuminati Dab-Vac water pipe adaptor. Headdies DabVac provides dab enthusiasts with an easier and more efficient way to enjoy concentrates, and the Illuminati edition adds an insider touch: It glows in the presence of an ultraviolet blacklight. The person who would appreciate such an exclusive product will also adore a fashion-forward keychain that effortlessly transforms into a functional smoking pipe. Designed and hand-assembled in Vermont, the INDA Pipe Keychain is an on-the-go accessory that reflects good style to outsiders and good taste to other cannabis enthusiasts. The stainless steel keychain is part of an overall INDA line that promotes the holistic healing power of natural plants and crystals. 

14. Biscotti Pre-Rolls + 15. Cage-Free Cannabis Bamboo Tube: Gifting health-centric products shows love, but sometimes it's just as lovely to give a gift that's all about luxury indulgence. Oakland-based Biscotti Brands offers an elegant line of ice water hash, rosin and premium pre-rolls. For the true aficionado, consider Biscotti's signature Singoli pre-roll made with Emerald Triangle-sourced flower and solventless hash. If gifting artisan products like these, consider an artisan storage container like Cage-Free Cannabis' natural bamboo tubes. These airtight pre-roll holders are almost entirely smell proof, which makes them the ideal place to store a Biscotti pre-roll en route to a concert, park or other public space. And in the spirit of the holidays, Cage-Free Cannabis focuses on cannabis advocacy, so the purchase of a bamboo tube helps fund organizations and people affected by the war on drugs. Santa would definitely approve.

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