GO Hotel Party and make sure you book a suite

GO Hotel Party and make sure you book a suite

Who doesn’t love a hotel party? It combines everything great about hotels—the fact that you’re not in your own home, the alluring sense of neutrality (again, not your home), room service, maid service, sparkling bathrooms, free shower caps—with everything great about parties—people, booze, cannabis, music, the possibility of hooking up with someone. Just make sure you book a suite, and, more importantly, pick a hotel that’s chill about having multiple visitors. Although part of the fun of a hotel party is the fact that it might get shut down. Worst case scenario, you just go downstairs to the bar. 

1. Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb: One of the best parts of most hotel rooms is the massive marble bath tub. Bring the party in there with Lush's melt for a glittery, color-changing bubble bath.

2. Retaw Allen Fragrance Room Spray: This will be helpful for clearing out the residual stench of fun before you flee after missing your checkout time. 

3. & 4. Leica Sofort Instant Film Camera & Leica Sofort Instant Film 2-Pack: Document the whole soiree with a camera (and film to go with it) that offers instant gratification—without being a smart phone. Bonus: You won’t waste time messing around with filters and airbrushing apps.

5. LRG Peace Tree Rolling Tray: Not that you should necessarily be smoking joints in your room, but in case you’re feeling defiant, this will keep you organized (at least roll up a towel and put it under the door).

6. Mini Donkey Piñata: When it comes to piñatas, size doesn’t matter. Festive is festive set to any scale, and this one is appropriately portable.

7. Owl’s Brew Tea Crafted for Cocktails: You’re going to want good-to-go mixers as opposed to stocking a full bar. These cocktail-tailored teas couldn’t be easier (just pour into alcohol) and taste as complex and professional as they are simple to use. 

8. W&P Design Stainless Steel Pineapple Cocktail Shaker: Simple or not, you want your drinks sufficiently mixed. Shake it up with a very decadent-looking piece of equipment. 

9. Altai Brands Chocolates: A special kind of party warrants a special kind of edible. Artisanal European chocolates that get you high: What more could you ask for? 

10. Fleur du Mal Haori Kimono: Play up the role of the unbothered and leisurely hostess with a cropped yet flowing update on the traditional kimono. 

11. MAC 3D Lavender Glitter: Fact: glitter is fun. It will make every situation more fun (until you try to get it off, but who’s thinking about that now?) 

12. Zizi Donohoe Delphine Mink Slides: Hotel suites are designed for being and feeling decadent and what could make you feel more luxuriant than a pair of expensive fur slides? 

Or opt for these much more reasonably priced versions, coming in at a mere $15.

13. Reigning Champ Embroidered Hooded Robe: Don’t settle for the plain white robe hanging in the hotel room closet. BYOR and let your guests know who the bigger winner is.

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