GO Hype and embrace it

April 30, 2018

Hype is normally not to be believed, but in 2018, it’s undeniably real—and not going anywhere. Brands like Vetements (and their myriad collaborations), Alyx, Off-White, Palace, Raf Simons, Gucci and Balenciaga are bringing buzz to a fever pitch, one that reaches far past the insulated fashion world. Sure, it’s all kind of bullshit, but try telling that to the hordes of hypebeasts camped out for hours and blocks in front of Supreme on Fairfax in Los Angeles and Lafayette Street in New York. If you can’t beat the hype, embrace it, right? Just make sure you style your coveted high-low scores with your own personal spin, lest you look like a member of the obedient masses. 

1. Vetements x Tommy Hilfiger Hooded Cotton-Blend Sweatshirt: It was only a matter of time before Tommy hopped on the Vetements bandwagon. Dropping more than a grand on a sweatshirt used to sound crazy. It still does, but it’s also tempting. 

2. Nike Dunk High N.E.R.D. Sneaker Chain: If your sneaker collection has peaked (is that even possible?), consider putting a kick on your keychain as yet another way to show your devotion to high tops. 

3. UNDEFEATED x Beats Pill+ Speaker: Undefeated is everywhere this year. Beats is everywhere all the time. Bring them together, and you’ve got a camouflage-print portable speaker you’ll want to use everywhere. 

4. G Pen Gio: Vape pens tend to come with a lot of hype (like this A$AP Rocky-designed one by Kandy Pens. Sure, it looks cool but the quality is low). Instead, opt for the G Pen Gio. You have to buy the cartridge, battery and sleeve separately, but it’s well worth it for the super-smooth high it delivers. 

5. Raf Simons x Eastpak Nylon Backpack with PVC Details: Eastpak has been having a moment. Now it’s going to have more than a moment, thanks to Raf Simons’ collaboration. 

6. Mother Baby Steps Socks: Not only will these tube socks complement all your hyped-up footwear, they say “fuck your mother” in Spanish. What’s there to think about?

7. Heron Preston Wh. Heron Leather Fold Wallet: Heron Preston himself has been called a “cultural icon in youth culture.” Granted it’s by his own brand, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Snap up one of his wallets before the rest of the world knows him as such, too. 

8. Gucci G-Timeless Web-Striped Canvas Watch: Have you noticed that ever since Alessandro Michele took over, Gucci is all over the place? It’s for good reason. Their shit is dope. 

9. Medicom Toy Sync.-D*FACE "Hate" Rug Mat: Love or hate the hype, it’s here to stay. Let’s adopt a healthy love-hate relationship. This hybrid rug will help. 

10. Nike x Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1 High: Riccardo Tisci’s latest release for Nike has people seeing stars, literally. It was basically sold out before it hit stores, so take your bid and treat these like a collector’s item. 

11. Kendrick Lamar Nobody Pray for Me Cap: Music artist merch can be lame, but it’s not when Kendrick Lamar does it. It’s actually so not lame, you can only get this baseball cap on eBay. 

12. Off-White For Walking Leather Boots: In case you didn’t get the hint, these boots are made for walking. They’re also made for making other women very jealous.

13. Yeezy Knit String Bra: It wouldn’t be a hypebeast-approved roundup without at least a little Yeezy. Keep it subtle with this minimal take on the sports bra. Long blonde wig optional. 

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