GO Island Hopping and jaunt to a tropical locale

GO Island Hopping and jaunt to a tropical locale

Even though we’re in the midst of the year’s shortest month, winter is starting to feel pretty long right about now. There’s nothing like the dullness of February to inspire desperation for a jaunt to a tropical locale. There’s a reason the span of time from January into late winter is called resort season. Most of us don’t have the luxury of dropping everything to hold a sugary mixed drink while reclined in a hammock over pink-velvet sand, so if you can’t go to the islands, make the islands come to you. And if you are about to hop a plane to go somewhere 80° and sunny, then consider this your instant packing list.

1. Eunbi Mister Green Wake & Bake Mug: Nothing says “vacation” like a good, old-fashioned wake-and-bake session. Hitting a bong designed to evoke a ceramic mug is the perfect way to start a leisurely day.

2. Pintrill I Feel Good v.1 Pin: You do feel pretty good, don’t you? Let everyone know it with this leaf-happy little pin. 

3. PUEBCO Surfboard Cover: Tokyo-based PUEBCO designs stuff inspired by global travels, and this waxed cotton cover will make you want to take your board to fresh beaches, even if you’ve never even rode a wave.

4. Playboy Palm Beach Towel: A little blast from Playboy's past makes for a big impact on the sand. Towels shouldn't be serious and what's less serious than a topless chick tanning with the help of some sturdy ferns? 

5. HUF Fuck It Leather Lighter Case: In case you need a reminder, here’s a lighter case to help you keep the right kind of perspective.

6. Aimé Leon Dore Ald Rolling Papers: A good set of rolling papers can be helpful. A sleek designer take can suddenly feel like a necessity. 

7. Concepts Leaf Smoke Ashtray: Whether you’re in a glorious seaside shack or the confines of your own cozy living room, having an ashtray around is never a bad thing.

8. Rip 'N' Dip We Out Here Pool Float: A float in the likeness of a giant alien head makes for an unexpected and welcome addition to any pool party.

9. Marley Coffee in One Love: You can also use it to drink your morning coffee, which should definitely be a roast that makes you feel as loving and harmonious as the iconic Bob Marley.

10. Kiini Ro Crochet-Trimmed Triangle Bikini Top and Briefs: Channel your inner beach babe with a crochet-accented bikini by the New York City-based brand with a fashion-cult following.

11. Marisa Mason Four Corners Necklace: Slip this turquoise-topped, Naja-style necklace on for a well-traveled vibe before you’ve even headed off to the airport.  

12. Tomasini Ananas Suede Shoulder Bag: Pineapples are cool-looking. They also make people happy. If this super-soft suede mini-bag doesn’t make you crack a smile, then you are in dire need of a vacation.

13. Adidas x Pharrell Williams Jacquard Rucksack: Channel some instant tropical vibes with a low-key print backpack that can go just about anywhere.

14. Stampd Calf Hair-Print Trunks: Swim trunks that aren’t super-lame looking are hard to come by. These neutral abstract-print shorts do the job.

15. Stüssy AB Dragon Tee: Pastels can be a tough sell, but Stüssy gets it right with this bleached-out wash from their O’Dyed collection featuring tie-dyed overlays. 

16. Blackstone Denim Mountain View Jeans: You don't normally associate jeans with island vibes, but Blackstone Denim  is inspired by Jamaica and created by none other than Bob Marley's son, so these basically break the mold. 

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