GO Minimal to tame clutter and chaos

June 23, 2018

Everyone is familiar with the expression “less is more,” but only a handful of people actively practice the concept of minimalism in their daily lives. Some people are born with a minimalist sensibility, while others adopt the practice after years of attempting to tame clutter and chaos. Historically, the aesthetics of cannabis culture have been of the polar opposite of minimalism. The artisans who are making glass-blown, alien-shaped bongs are clearly unmoved by the “less is more” ethos. But as public attitudes shift in favor of recreational use, a new crop of brands have introduced a more refined aesthetic into the sphere of smoking accessories. And thank God for that.

1. Tiffany & Co. x Elsa Peretti Bean Lighter: Elsa Peretti’s timeless, minimal designs for Tiffany & Co. are synonymous with 1970s-era glamour. One can easily imagine Bianca Jagger lighting a joint with this iconic bean-shaped lighter. 

2. Hanes x Karla Welch The Original T-Shirt: Mega-stylist Karla Welch has reinvented the classic Hanes t-shirt for a new generation. Justin Bieber is a fan, which may or may not be a positive selling point for you. 

3. The Line Large Net Bag: This is easily the cheapest thing that The Line sells. But as any true minimalist knows, you can often find a bargain in the unlikeliest of places. 

4. Shine White Gold Rolling Papers: Upgrade your joint game with these minimal (albeit slightly ostentatious) rolling papers by Shine. 

5. Gatorbeug Black Icon Bong: The Australian brand Gatorbeug is known for high-end novelty bongs, but this sleek black number is a refreshingly simple alternative to flashier styles. 

6. Areaware Liquid Body Flask: This flask by Areaware looks way more expensive than it is, making it a perfect gift for the resident design fanatic (or heavy drinker) in your life.

7. Uniqlo Sol LeWitt Tee: Sol LeWitt’s contributions to minimalist art cannot be overstated. And thanks to Uniqlo’s artist t-shirt series, you can buy into his aesthetic for less than twenty bucks. 

8. Calvin Klein Logo Card Holder: Raf Simons' revamped vision for Calvin Klein has won accolades from critics and OG Calvin Stans alike. This chic card holder pays homage to the brand’s Midtown offices. 

9. Tetra Starter Kit: The online retailer Tetra is basically the MoMA Design Store for people who smoke weed. Their “Starter Kit” is perfect for everyone who needs to throw out their old pipes and roach clips and start from scratch. 

10. Cinnamon Projects 2AM incense: You don’t need to buy incense that is Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, but it’s not the worst idea either. 

11. Yew Yew Triangle Pipe: Conceal the terrifying amount of resin that will inevitably accumulate inside your pipe with this simple ceramic number from Yew Yew. 

12. Boy Smells Kush Candle: We have exceedingly high standards for cannabis-scented anything, but this candle smells amazing and looks good on a coffee table, too.

13. The Ojai Night Ride Bath Mat: It’s time that you replace your generic bath mat from Target with something a bit more upscale. 

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