GO Munchies for that strong or sudden desire for food

GO Munchies for that strong or sudden desire for food

When you first start smoking weed, the only side effect of getting high you hear about is “the munchies.” Like you’re going to get stoned and eat everything in your refrigerator while melting into your couch, eyes glazed and body immobilized. Now, older and a little wiser, we know that’s not necessarily true. Only the heaviest of indicas will give you couch-lock, which can be great when you’re in the right mood. In honor of this “strong or sudden desire for food,” as it’s defined, here’s some stuff to make you want to indulge on your couch, no matter your strain of choice. 

1. Munchie’s Snack Mix: Why trouble yourself with various bags of Doritos, Cheetos, Sun Chips and Rold Gold pretzels when you can eat them all out of one satisfying bag? The Cheese Fix flavor is a must. 

2. Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream: A jam-packed yet harmonious blend of chocolate and vanilla ice creams, gobs of chocolate-chip cookie dough and fudge brownies make for the quintessential stoner flavor with the quintessential stoner name.

3. Palm Angels Leaf Soft Cap: There’s pride in being high. Flaunt it with a supremely soft vintage-inspired cap in bright pink. Great for concealing two-day-old bedhead, so it’s multi-functional. 

4. Lord Jones + Sigur Rós Limited-Edition All Natural Sigurberry High CBD Gumdrops: The Los Angeles-based luxury brand (they hand-make their edibles in small batches) has linked up with Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós for a flavor inspired by foraged berries from their homeland. 

5. Momofuku Milk Bar Cereal Milk Mix: Just add milk to Momofuku’s trademark mix of cornflakes, light brown sugar and salt for a crunchy snack that hits the sweet spot. 

6. Safe-T Exclusive Designer Fire Extinguisher: In case you burn your house down after turning the oven on and then completely forgetting about it. In gleaming gold, this one is “sleekly designed to be displayed and admired,” so it’s equal part work of art. 

7. ThinkGeek Poke Ball Serving Set: You’re going to need something to hold all that crunchy, munchable food. Mega-nerds and people who like bowls get excited for official Pokémon dishware. 

8. MOS Spring Lightning Cable: An extra long cable means you won’t have to get up to reach for your phone. This one, coming in at six feet long, ensures you can be as lazy as you want to be.

9. Netflix App: Sync your infinitely charged-up phone to your TV or Playstation, and it becomes your remote control, which means fewer gadgets to keep track of, which means you can focus on shoving more food into your face and streaming entertainment. 

10. Texas and the Artichoke Silk & Velvet Cushion: Artichokes and asparagus aren’t your typical munchie foods, but who says you’re not allowed to be healthy? A quirky French rococo-inspired accent pillow can elevate the whole experience.

11. H.D. Buttercup Grey Ombre Faux Fur Throw: So can a really cozy, fuzzy blanket. Once you’re sufficiently baked, curl up with this thing and you will never want to leave your lair. 

12. Chinatown Market Thank You T-Shirt: Pick up your Chinese take-out in an eerily on-point T-shirt. Who knew plastic bags could translate to menswear? 

13. 1800-PARADISE Stoned Shorts: The least you can do is put on a pair of shorts. The most you can do is pick a pair that have an eerily perfect print.

14. Chonies Hot N Ready Triangle Bra: No need to call Domino’s—your boobs are better than pizza. But what would really be genius is eating pizza while wearing this bra. No shirt required, cause you’re home chilling. 

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