GO Palm Springs but not just for Coachella

GO Palm Springs but not just for Coachella

Located in the Coachella Valley nearly three hours outside of LA, Palm Springs has long been a popular vacation destination for city goers who desperately need to chill the fuck out. The area is primarily known for its mid-century architecture, desert landscapes and endless pool parties. And while there is certainly no shortage of touristy activities, most people choose to do nothing, a.k.a. drink cocktails and sunbathe all day. Even the Obamas relished in the slow pace of Palm Springs shortly after leaving the Oval Office. And if it’s good enough for Barack and Michelle, it’s good enough for us. 

1. Jonathan Adler Hashish Porcelain Coasters: The Jonathan Adler-designed Parker Meridian hotel is easily the most photogenic place to stay in Palm Springs. These hashish coasters evoke the fun mid-century vibe of the hotel, minus the 3 a.m. room service charge.

2. Away “The Bigger Carry On” Suitcase: Any seasoned traveller knows that it’s best not to fuck around with cheap luggage. Away suitcases are relatively affordable and durable, plus this carry-on has a USB port so you can always charge your phone if you’re stranded in the desert. 

3. Summerland “Crystal Voyager” Pipe: This minimal, crystal-inspired pipe by the LA-based ceramics label Summerland is perfect for poolside smoking, just try not to drop it in the deep end.

4. Glossier “Invisible Shield” Sunscreen: Glossier’s first sunscreen is a clear, serum-like formula that quickly absorbs into your skin without all the chalky drama. 

5. Black Swan Pool Float: It’s safe to say that the white swan pool inflatable has had its moment in the sun, literally and figuratively. A black swan is far less basic, plus it reminds us of a certain psychosexual Darren Aronofsky thriller. 

6. Wary Meyers “Coco Nuit” Candle: Come for the impeccable '70s-inspired packaging, but stay for the compelling blend of coconut, suntan oil and fresh green cannabis. 

7. Fundamental Berlin “Regenbogen” Ashtray: This rainbow-hued crystal ashtray from Fundamental Berlin perfectly evokes the mid-century era, minus the kitsch. 

8. Goby Electric Toothbrush: This sleek, minimal electric toothbrush from Goby is a major upgrade from the flimsy travel toothbrushes of your youth. Just don’t leave it in your hotel room after frantically packing 15 minutes before checkout. 

9. ban.do Palm Tree Air Freshener: Make your rental car smell less like a rental car with this old-school cardboard air freshener from Ban.do. 

10. Wildflower CBD Vape Pen: Soothe the aches and pains from your hike in the San Jacinto Mountains with Wildflower’s popular “ACHES” pen. Or skip the hike entirely and just vape by the pool—we don’t judge. 

11. Saint Laurent “Waiting For Sunset” Keychain: Saint Laurent’s luxe take on the souvenir keychain will cost you, but it’s not totally frivolous to invest in something that you use everyday. Right? 

12. ban.do “Wish You Were Here” Towel: This Ban.Do towel is the perfect accessory for a FOMO-inducing vacation pic.

13. Planet I “Extraterrestrial” Sunglasses: Shield your eyes from the brutal desert sun with these psychedelic Jackie O frames from Planet i. The lenses are injected with glitter, yet somehow you can actually see out of them. Brilliant.  

14. Ruza Rose Case: We’re wary of the whole wine-in-a-can micro-trend, but we’ll be the first to admit that Ruza is surprisingly drinkable. Plus, it’s important to stay hydrated during your inevitable day trip to the much-Instagrammed Salvation Mountain. 

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