GO Play Hooky and skip out for the day

GO Play Hooky and skip out for the day

Now that you’ve succeeded in going back to school, the logical thing to do is ditch it. Only suckers go to all their classes, so succumb to peer pressure, grab a paper-bagged forty (Forty Ounce Wine is an atypical upgrade to the malt liquor of the corner bodega variety) and skip out for the day. Here’s what you need when you’re hanging out with the kids your mom warned you about. Chances are you’re one of those kids anyway. 

1. Off-White Camouflage Diag Backpack: Even if your day doesn’t involve books and learning, you need to create the illusion it does. Make like you’re going off to class with Virgil Abloh’s quintessential backpack in classic camouflage-print canvas. 

2. Alyx Key Fob with Rollercoaster Buckle: Remember when the term “latch-key kids” was a thing? Whatever. This keychain, featuring Alyx Studio’s trademark hardware, will inspire you to actually want to use a keychain.

3. Hyein Seo Cigarette Pouch: Smoking and skipping school is an enduring combination. This pouch, out of a collection inspired by “the idea of rebellion,” attaches to your bag and features an outer slide pocket for your lighter. 

4. True Humboldt Pre-Rolls 5-Pack: Speaking of smoking, come prepared for your day of freedom with this highly portable five-pack of pre-rolled joints, each holding 3.5 grams of flower. 

5. Patta Thou Lighter: Toss this lighter in your fancy stash-ready pouch, then remind yourself you’re not supposed to murder anyone whenever you light up.  

6. Alyx x Van’s OG 138 LX High-Top Sneaker: A sly update on an enduring sneaker: For their limited-edition collab, Alyx tweaked Van’s timeless high-top style by adding a lighter-cap rivet for a touch of hardcore hardware.

7. ThinkGeek Annoy-a-Tron Prankster Pack 3.0: Once you’re sufficiently high, you might have the urge to annoy the hell out of the people around you. This trifecta of distracting noise-makers promises to do precisely that. 

8. GCDS Knitted Beanie: Fall marks the unofficial onset of beanie season and this one will help you go incognito while showing off your sense of confidence. There’s something about a pompom that says, “I’m secure with myself.” 

9. Fun Time Box Logo T-Shirt: Because you’re having a fun time, get it? The British brand explores subcultures, music and youth movements—and sends a stirring message in the meantime. 

10. Stray Rats Two-Tone Logo 2 Pack Crew Socks: Tube socks are having a renaissance this season, so embrace this ultra-comfortable trend with a pair that speaks to your possible spirit animal. 

11. Champion Phade Jersey Shorts: You don’t want to wear “real” clothes when you’re taking the day off. Go off duty with a pair of basketball shorts worthy of going off the court and onto the street. 

12. ALEXACHUNG Apron Sleeveless Mini Dress: Alexa Chung’s eponymous clothing line is a long time coming and well worth the wait, as proven by the naughty-nice PVC pinafore. 

13. Takesh Eyewear Jadore Sunglasses: Play up the whole Lolita schtick by pairing it with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, taken into avant-garde territory for a modern moment.

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