GO Pop for your 15 minutes

July 19, 2018

Love it or hate it, one simply can’t avoid the enduring legacy of pop art. What was once a deeply subversive artistic movement is now a ubiquitous visual language that is inseparable from the mass market aesthetics it once appropriated. But pop art today isn’t limited to shitty Warhol-esque portraits of Audrey Hepburn at IKEA. There are Donald Trump bongs, Mona Lisa iPhone cases and a host of other bizarre items that would make Warhol proud… for at least 15 minutes.

1. Urban Sophistication Unretouched Phone Case: Born from the newfound convergence of high fashion and meme culture, Urban Sophistication is a rare brand that understands both worldsand parodies them flawlessly.

2. Fendi ‘Bag Bugs’ Card Holder: The simple yet impactful addition of cartoon eyes to an otherwise boring card case exemplifies Karl Lagerfeld’s knack for making the ordinary extraordinary.

3. Jonathan Adler Full Dose Rectangle Tray: There is no shortage of drug references in Jonathan Adler’s eponymous line of home goods. His “full dose” tray is perfect for keys, coins and, yesquaaludes.

4. Gatorbeug Trump Bong: This bong is quite possibly the only positive thing to come out of the Trump administration, tbh.

5. Andy Warhol x Kidrobot Invisible Sculpture: In 1985, Andy Warhol installed his iconic “Invisible Sculpture” at the Area nightclub in New York City. Now anyone can own a small replica of the piece thanks to the forward-thinking vinyl toy emporium Kidrobot.  

6. Emily Mae Smith x Exhibition A Wall Clock: Drawing inspiration from the mass-market airbrush art of the 1970s, Emily Mae Smith has created one of the stranger pieces available at the online art retailer Exhibition A—and also one of the best.

7. Calvin Klein x Andy Warhol Dennis Hopper Tee: What could be more quintessentially American than a cowboy hat-clad Dennis Hopper immortalized by Warhol on a t-shirt by Calvin Klein?

8. Moleskine x Rolling Stones Notebook: The Rolling Stones AND notebooks are relics from a bygone era. But our inner Baby Boomer is thirsting for this Moleskine nonetheless.

9. Glossier Wowder Powder: Come for the pop art-inspired packaging, stay for the sheer matte powder that never leaves your face looking cakey.  

10. YOURNELO Lips Ashtray: Say what you will about the oft-problematic world-wide dominance of Amazon, they can deliver a $12 lip-shaped ashtray to your door within two business days.

11. Moschino Sneakers: Pop Art is the backbone of Moschino’s visual identity and these comic book-inspired sneakers exemplify the humor and shameless glamour that the brand is known for.

12. Mel Ramos 50 Years of Pop Art Book: Mel Ramos’ photorealistic paintings of pin-up girls straddling giant domestic objects are as timeless as they are strange. This book is essential.

13. Toilet Paper Why Me? Soap: Spruce up your morning shower with this humorous reminder of the inevitability of death by the demented design studio Toilet Paper.

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