GO Revolution and uproot the status quo

GO Revolution and uproot the status quo

Now is the time for a revolution if there has ever been one. A fire has been ignited and we should stoke the flames, not let them simmer down to smoke. Revolution is about agency and autonomy and doing what you want for the sake of the greater good. In the spirit of uprooting the status quo, and not just for the sake of it, defending what you believe in, and becoming a change agent, here are brands and gear that resist, redefine and revolt against what’s trendy, commonplace and “normal.” Because when the world is turned upside-down, normal ceases to exist anyway. 

1. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera: Feeling a little paranoid? Or maybe you just want to see what your pet gets up to when you’re not around? The revolution can start at home, so you might as well document what goes on there. Just in case.

2. Billionaire Boys Club x Casetify Moon Macbook Sleeve: You might not be going to the moon any time soon, or Canada for that matter, but you can carry your laptop in a case with an escapist mentality.

3. Bandit9 Eve Liquid Black Limited-Edition Motorcycle: Nothing will satisfy the urge to make a move like this badass, bullet-inspired Honda Supersport. Custom-finished and handcrafted of steel, it’s a revolutionary work of high-functioning art.

4. V-Files Black Whatever Slides: Express how nonplussed you feel about the current status quo with a pair of shower slides that have a blasé attitude to match their off-duty style.

5. Hmbldt Dose Pen in Relief: We could all use a little relief right about now, and hmbldt’s sleek and subtle dose pen is one of the most modern ways to get some yet.

6. Palace Tupalace Sweatshirt: Palace Skateboards’ hotly anticipated Ultimo collection pays homage to the late, great Makaveli. It’s impossible to resist a “Changes” reference here, so let’s just borrow a quote that hits particularly hard right about now: “Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races we under.”

7. Fuck Art, Make Tees Freedom 6 Panel Cap: In case you or anyone close enough to see your head needs a reminder: The words “Freedom is not free” are printed across the back of this powder-blue cap.

8. Undefeated Undftd BDU L/S Shirt: It’s not necessarily time to channel the era of the Vietnam War, and the army jackets that came with it, but with the air of protest lingering, a touch of military garb feels right.

9. House of Holland 10th Anniversary Gigi T-Shirt: Odds are you do smoke weed, but this special-edition House of Holland T-shirt has a strong sense of irony, in case you didn’t get the hint.

10. Each x Other Idiotic 20th Century Lace-Up Shoes: The 20th century certainly can’t be more idiotic than the newer yet irrefutably dumber 21st one, right? These menswear-inspired brogues are kind of random and perfect for stomping around.

11. Nicopanda University Fur Ear Fitted Cap: These preposterous but cute puff balls from Nicola Formichetti’s new label won’t likely block out all the unnecessary noise, or Trump’s voice on the news, but they might make you feel safe and cozy.

12. Lauren Klassen Gold Safety Pin Earring: The low-key movement to sport a safety pin as a way of saying you’re an ally to the vulnerable is being deemed a version of “slacktivism” by some, so if you’re going to do it, do it right. Lauren Klassen’s sleek earring is subtly supportive.

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