GO Road Trip and explore possibilities of the unknown

GO Road Trip and explore possibilities of the unknown

The long, winding adventure from the East Coast to the American West is a classic. So is the summertime road trip to, well, anywhere. Whether you’re veering off into the searing desert (and possibly indulging in a Las Vegas detour, a la Hunter S. Thompson), getting outdoorsy in the Pacific Northwest or taking on the legendary Blues Highway, a.k.a. Route 61, to go deep into the South, think low-maintenance so the focus remains on scenic views, wacky pit stops and unexpected detours. It’s all about the possibilities of the unknown. To quote the most quintessential, and obvious, reference of all, Jack Kerouac’s 1957 On the Road, “Nothing behind me, everything in front of me, as is ever so on the road.”

1. Mister Green Peace Hooded Sweatshirt: You basically shouldn’t go anywhere without an oversized sweatshirt on hand. Mister Green succeeds in putting an elevated spin on the iconic cannabis leaf.

2. & 3. Chantal Thomass Bandana Stretchy Jersey & Lace Bra and Briefs: Bandanas are useful on road trips and so is some flirtatious lingerie. Why not combine them with this Parisian designer’s French-turned-Western set?

4. Mexicana Printed Fringed Suede Boots: While an exaggerated fringed boot might feel like a bit much in the city, a modern update on the cowboy style is ideal for kicking back on a car ride.

5. El Cosmico Provision Company Desert Body Oil: Even if you’re not venturing into the desert, this east- (vetiver, safflower and sweet almond) meets-west (palo santo, clary sage, cedarwood juniperus) organic oil will keep you soothed and moisturized anywhere.

6. Art Lebedev Aromatus Ichigo Citrus-Fragrance Car Air Freshener: It’s either this or fuzzy dice: Add a kitschy touch to your rearview mirror and enjoy the bonus of a sassy strawberry that smells like citrus.

7. B&O Play Beoplay A2 Portable Speaker: If your lodgings turn out to be on the sub-par side, a reliable Bluetooth speaker can make all the difference. This one is super-slim and offers the brand’s unique True360 sound.


8. Spotify Road Trip Playlist: It’s all subjective, but this playlist claims to feature the “50 best road trip songs of all time.” See if it measures up.

9. Candy Design & Works Brass and Black Cooper Hotel Key Tag: Here’s a chain for your car keys that pays homage to those motels you might be ducking into when you get weary, except with an upgraded, Euro-inspired twist.

10. Gibson Hummingbird Ebony Acoustic Guitar: Even if you don’t have any concept of a chord, every road trip unofficially requires a guitar. This investment piece is an ebony-colored reissue of one of Gibson’s 1960 mainstays.

11. Scintilla Fox Blanket: Cozy up for a long ride with a jacquard woven blanket from an Icelandic line that uses the same manufacturer as Hermès and Louis Vuitton, which means it’s of top-notch quality.

12. Pax 2 Limited-Edition Electric-Blue Vaporizer: You probably already have one of Pax’s deeply sleek vaporizers, but you don’t have one in hot electric blue. A trip warrants something new—that’s what you can tell yourself to rationalize the purchase.

13. Best Made Co. Brass Flashlight: Pulling over in the woods to pitch a tent? Even if you’re not getting lost in the wilderness any time soon, flashlights don’t get classier than this USB-charged brass design.

14. Cards Against Humanity Party Game Pack: The “game for horrible people” will come in handy when you’ve run out of shit to shoot with your co-passenger and the highway is feeling unsettlingly infinite.

15. Zippo Playboy Lighter: The only thing more American than a road trip is the eternally iconic Playboy bunny. In bubblegum pink, this lighter is harder to misplace than most.

16. Zippo Lighter Fluid: Don’t just rely on it to keep your lighter in service. Use it to start a bonfire, get rid of rust or even get gum out of your hair… which has nothing to do with a road trip but good to know!

17. Espacio Handmade ‘Merica Handsome Hooch Hip Flask: Grab a slice of Americana in the form of a boozy little bottle featuring a cow-hide leather case hand-stitched in Austin, Texas.

18. Word. Red Bandana 3-Pack Notebook: Make like Jack and keep a log of your travels the old-fashioned way, by scrawling your thoughts on paper, instead of punching them in to the Notes section of your iPhone.

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