GO Sex and get inspired to get off

GO Sex and get inspired to get off

Sex is great, but like most things in life, it can almost always be better. It especially depends on who you’re doing it with, but your choice of partner is on you. Whether it comes in the form of a trusty long-term relationship, casual dalliance, booty-called rendezvous or old-fashioned one-night stand, the right accoutrements will make sex more fun. Or more intense, or more dangerous… or less dangerous. (See condoms for the one-night stand scenario). Go get inspired to get off. 

1. MysteryVibe Crescendo Vibrator: The minds behind brands like Aston Martin, Virgin and Durex have teamed up to bring you what’s being called “the world’s most advanced vibrator.” With an impressive six motors, it adapts to your body for a very personal experience. 

2. Hmbldt Passion Dose Pen: After mastering how to help you sleep and be happier, the smart people at Hmbldt have figured out a recipe for making you hornier when you want to be. Apparently, it involves myrcene and limonene, which combined with THC, heighten your sexual experience. 

3. Lelo Hex The Re-Engineered Condoms: Condoms can really kill a mood, but sometimes they’re necessary. Enter Lelo’s new Hex design. Supremely thin and lightly lubricated, many are calling the hexagonal structure “revolutionary.” 

4. So Many Fucks Candle: You may not have the luxury of fucking for hours and hours, but you can let this “triple fuck” candle burn longer than any guy has ever lasted.

5. Foria Pleasure Spray Bottle: What do you get when you combine medical cannabis oil with liquid coconut oil? A strategic spray-on lube that makes women go crazy. 

6. HUF x Penthouse Deck: There’s a time and a place for porn. A good time is before you bone the person you’re into, and as it turns out, a worthy place is a skate deck. 

7. Lust Naked Hemp Luscious Massage & Body Oil: Even if you’re not all about offering up massages, anything that makes the situation more slippery also makes it more intense.

8. Pipedreams Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Tape: A little good-natured bondage never hurt anybody. That’s probably not true, but it also can add a welcome element of intrigue. Plus, hot pink is cute.

9. Sex Skateboards 6 Panel Cap: When you wear this cap, two things will likely happen: You’ll get sex on the brain on those looking at you, and you’ll reveal to them that you’re thinking about sex. Neither of those are bad, per se. 

10. 032c Remove Before Sex Socks: Some men like to keep their socks on during sex. It’s a personal choice. That is, until you choose to wear socks that tell you what to do. 

11. The Model Traitor Chain O Collar: A good choker takes you far while gently restraining you. With soft leather and heavy metal, this one does the job both in and out of the bedroom. 

12. Unbound Amelia Nipple Clamp Earrings: Finally! A pair of nipple clamps that effortlessly double as very wearable drop earrings. But seriously, it’s not a bad idea. 

13. & 14. Agent Provocateur Shannon Pink Bikini Top and Bottom: Count on Agent Provocateur to properly amp up a swimsuit. Fresh out of their Spring/Summer ʼ17 collection, these fishnet layers spell sex. 

15. Brashy Adults Only Hoodie: In case there was any mistake, pull on a post-coital sweatshirt that sends the message, “No kids allowed.” 

16. Unbound Twiggy Birth Control Holder: Isn’t that cute? A little box all decked in the female gender symbol specially designed for storing your birth control. This is actually useful. 

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