GO Skate and never fully accept adulthood

GO Skate and never fully accept adulthood

There’s a day for everything these days, so it should come as no surprise that June 21st is national Go Skateboarding Day. This is one we can get behind though, unlike National Personal Trainer Awareness Day (mark your calendars for January 2) and National Grab Some Nuts Day (actually, August 3 could be interesting). If you actually do skate, well, go skateboarding. If you don’t, pay your respects by dressing like a total poser. Kidding. Skater style is anyone and everyone, especially for those of us who never want to fully accept adulthood.

1. Alltimers Estate Prism Logo Board: Alltimers is at the top of the list of need-to-know skate brands, after making a name for itself with creating boards in crazy shapes (like Rihanna and a Lamborghini).

2. Independent Skateboard Trucks: If you’re going to be legit (or at least try to appear legit), your deck is going to need a solid pair of durable trucks. You’ll also need wheels, but that’s on you.

3. The Skateroom Ai Weiwei’s The White House Set: Sending a big “fuck you” to Donald Trump and company, this collector’s edition three-pack doesn’t include a deck you’ll want to use, just display as art. Notice the price is no accident. 

4. Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell Ultra-Loud Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Boombox: Stick a durable (and water-resistant) speaker on the ground at your skate spot and you’ve got an instant party.

5. PARADIS3 Sticker Pack: Even if you don’t have a deck to trick out—and also, you’re an adult—stickers are fun. They will always be fun. Especially ones with a fascist-slamming message.

6. Nike Piedmont 6.0 Skateboarding Backpack: A basic backpack, featuring cushy padded straps, from Nike says you don’t need to be fully tricked out in skate brands.  

7. Palace Rainbow Bong Longsleeve Black Shirt: Then again, a bold, bong-accented T-shirt from a covetable skate brand is a must.

8. DC Evan Smith HI Skate Shoe: Today’s the day for a legit skateboarding shoe. DC Shoes, started back in 1993 by two friends who met in college, keeps it classic.  

9. HUF 3D Plantlife Snapback Cap: Even though it should, HUF’s leaf motif never really gets old. Neither do snapbacks, for that matter.

10. Iggy White Summer Hoodie: Refresh your hoodie collection with a pullover sweatshirt that’s bright white and expertly tagged.

11. Marcelo Burlon County of Milan Amine Denim Shorts: Don’t settle for a plain old pair of high-waisted jean shorts. Upgrade your cutoffs to an embroidered pair that’s fierce and wild.

12. Vishow Crochet Crop Top: You don’t want to get too fancy when you might be eating pavement. A chilled-out crochet top with a supremely low price tag is the right move.

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