GO Street Style with our new pick of cool products

GO Street Style with our new pick of cool products

The flashy, hectic, label-laden whirlwind that is Fashion Month is just wrapping up (from New York to London to Milan and closing in Paris), which means the fashion crowd, including industry insiders and eager wannabes alike, have been peacocking in front of the shows for weeks. But street style abounds year round. It’s defined by Urban Dictionary as “something that displays your personality but is still highly trendy and cool. It may even be seen as something controversial to others.” Even if we don’t want to admit it, we all want to be “cool.” Here’s our pick of new products that would get you snapped by the savviest of street photographers, not like you’re uncool enough to care about that sort of thing.

1. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle Dove: Considered a badge of honor by street style fanatics, and considered cringe-worthy by those who think spending $2,500 on a pair of Kanye-designed sneakers, or any sneakers, for that matter, is ridiculous, the Yeezy Boosts are bigger than ever.

2. House of Holland Eebt Jogger: This collaboration with NYC-based label Eddie Eddie Billy Tommy by Sean Kinney makes for sweatpants with two doses of extra flair: something athletic and something herbal.

3. Les (Art)ists Patch Cap: Flaunting the name of your favorite designer makes you seem like a fashion insider. Kind of! And if Hedi, formerly of Dior Homme and currently of Saint Laurent, isn’t your guy, Les (Art)ists have a whole family of name-dropping caps.

4. XLARGE Reversible Jacket: Reversible stuff is usually lame, but when it’s not, it’s actually pretty useful. Go loud with star-spangled camouflage or discreet with plain black.

5. Herschel Supply Co. Lawson Coca-Cola Collection Backpack: Logomania is so 2001. And guess what? The early-2000s are back. Stylistically speaking, that is.

6. Jiwinaia Female Smile Necklace: A very ‘90s array of cannabis leaves, hearts, a cross, and happy face by a new designer whose soon to be spotted everywhere give you a reason to smile, indeed.

7. Les Petits Jouers Alex Mini Black Widow Shoulder Bag: No attention-grabbing ensemble is complete without a bag that makes you stare. The word “love” spelled out in Lego-block letters does the trick.

8. Anya Hindmarch Babe Metallic Textured-Leather Sticker: The bag accessories trend is showing no sign of slowing down, so you might as well use the opportunity to remind everyone exactly what you are.

9. Moschino It’s Lit Silicone iPhone 6 Case: Just look at any Tommy Ton or Phil Oh photo: Your iPhone case matters. Nobody’s cases are as satirical and attention-grabbing as Moschino’s.

10. 3x1 Denim Cropped Jeans with Frayed Fringed Hems: Rihanna’s favorite denim brand proves it’s on the bottom that counts, and right now it’s all about a supremely frayed hem.

11. Falke Versatility Bra Top: Re-appropriating gym clothes for real life is nothing revolutionary at this point; it’s actually a full-fledged trend. But by wearing a sports bra as a crop top you’ll still confuse people. In a good way.

12. The Great Frog London New Skool Skull Ring: Keith Richards isn’t a street-style icon (he’s just an icon, period), but his trademark skull ring is definitely iconic – and street-tough.

13. Palace Bend Two Deck: Everyone’s been buzzing about Palace for awhile now, and there’s no better way to gain a little instant street cred than by whizzing around on one of their boards. If you can’t do a kickflip to save your life, carrying it is always a super-cool option.

14. Baron Von Fancy Stickers: Add some irreverent wordage to your deck or bag (style icon Jane Birkin used to decorate her namesake bag with stickers) with decorations from the streetwise mixed media artist.

15. Supreme Enamel Leather Keychain: It’s all in the details, and Supreme’s sardonic take on the most classic of keychains will make them look closely.

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