GO Summer Camp back to a more innocent time when you had to sneak a smoke

GO Summer Camp back to a more innocent time when you had to sneak a smoke

From the overgrowncounselors of Wet Hot American Summer to the virginity-weary competitors of Little Darlings to the trouble-making underdogs of Addams Family Values, there’s a reason the summer camp movie is a genre that holds a special place in our hearts. Times in our lives don’t get much more carefree. Camp also harks back to a more innocent time when you had to be slightly sneaky about getting stoned – and what’s more nostalgic than that? The sleepaway camppacking list is evergreen, so even if your summer doesn’t take you anywhere near cabins and canoes, these essentials stand for what summer is all about.

1. Sprayground Executive Inhaler Backpack: So what if your stuff looks conspicuous in this eye-catching carryall? It comes with individual compartments for your laptop, sunglasses, and, of course, stash.

2. Miansai Silver Hook on Navy Blue Rope Bracelet: Inspired by New England summers and handmade in Miami, this is like one of those lanyard bracelets you used to make at camp, except better.  

3. Publish x Timberland Classic Wp Ox Low-Cut Shoes: Publish’s revamp of the quintessential hiking boot keeps the look classic while minimizing the heft, which means they’re hot weather-friendly.

4. CAMP Collection Tie-Dye Staff Tee: All the tie-dye and none of the mess: CAMP Collection lets you get your counselor on without having to devote your summer to miscreant kids.

5. One Teaspoon Parisian Vintage Bandits: Cutoff jean shorts are a summer camp staple, and the paint-splattered treatment from this must-have Aussie label conjures a louche, arts ‘n’ crafts vibe.

6. Venessa Arizaga Daydreamer Necklace: Now’s not the time for serious jewelry. Count on Venessa Arizaga to meld goofy ceramic charms with an offbeat sense of chic.

7. Maybelline New York Baby Lips Crystal Lip Balm in Gleaming Coral: Forget the high-end stuff and hit the drugstore for perfectly tinted glorified Chapstick without the grownup price tag.

8. Miwak Junior Connector Pipe: You won’t want to let go of this pebble-shaped pipe, hand-cast from porcelain. 

9. Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion: Sunscreen is a no-brainer, and Shiseido’s is a cult favorite for its easy glide-on formula and sporty packaging alike.

10. Parker Thatch Eye Mask: Even though you’re (hopefully) not sharing a creaky bunk bed, a little bit of instant privacy can be beneficial wherever you go. Plus, toting something monogrammed is basically a camp tradition.

11. Silly String Spray Streamer Three-Pack: If you’re too old for “the original fun in a can,” then there might be a problem. Or you’re just not high enough. It’s festive, stupid, and less sloppy than a mess hall food fight.

12. Solkoa x Best Made Survival Kit: Be prepared, right? You never know when you might need one of the 25 tools in this super-kit, including waterproof matches, a folding razor blade, and water purification tablets. If you don’t, the indestructible box is useful for housing other paraphernalia.

13. The North Face Homestead Roomy 2 Tent: If you’re going to do the whole camping thing for real, go for an extra-spacious tent that accommodates a queen-size mattress and pops up in a pinch.

14. Lasonic i-931 BTQ Black and Chrome Bluetooth Portable Stereo: Give your baby-sized Bluetooth a break and resurrect the old-school boom box, fortunately modernized with updated technology.

15. Carhartt Wip x Helinox Camping Table: More convenient than a wooden picnic table and a lot more compact: This portable table fits in your backpack and features a pair of cup-holders.

16. Alaskan Thunder Fuck: Pair the connector pipe with Alaskan Thunder Fuck, a sativa with notes of pine, lemon, menthol and skunk, so even if you’re lying low indoors, you can channel the great outdoors.

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