GO Surf Shack for laid-back beach vibes

GO Surf Shack for laid-back beach vibes

All free-spirited and beach-blown, the ocean-side life of a surfer is easy to envy, aside from the getting up at the crack of dawn part—and even that’s kind of romantic. You don’t have to be able to recognize a good pipeline or A-frame to bring some laid-back beach vibes into your world (or your home). You just need a few surf shack-ready essentials to get stoked on. Also, try not to use the word stoked.

1. Monoï Tiki Tahiti Tiare Coconut Oil: If the island won’t come to you, slather monoi oil, a blend of coconut oil and tiare flowers, also known as “the beauty secret of Tahiti,” all over your skin.

2. Saint Laurent Surf “Baby” Longboard: This is possibly the most gratuitously expensive surfboard one can find. But, dude, it’s designer. In multicolor foam, resin and fiberglass, it would also instantly trick out your apartment.

3. Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water: This coffee table book gives you a glimpse into the beach homes of surfers and surf enthusiasts, from the Rockaways to Malibu and beyond.

4. Generic Plastic Hula Skirt Trash Can Cover: All right, so this is more luau than hang ten, but you can’t go wrong with a trash can wearing a grass skirt in just about any context.

5. W Vapes Premium Cannabis Oil Pen in Dream Queen: Get into beach mode with this sativa-dominant hybrid in the form of W Vape’s impossibly easy oil pen. With notes of pineapple and bubblegum, it offers an instant hint of euphoria.

6. Tiki Gods Ceramic Mugs: There’s a fine line between a surf shack and a tiki lounge, so you’d might as well blur it with these mugs destined to make even your most generic cocktail taste tropical.

7. Pink Dolphin Smiley Lighter: Street meets surf courtesy of a basic lighter emblazoned with cheeky-cute flair.  

8. & 9. Body Glove ʼ80s Throwback Shout Bikini Top & Bottoms: Like so much from years past, Body Glove is back. Something about plastic zippers, neon panels and neoprene feels so right about now.

10. Venessa Arizaga Shell We Dance Bracelet: Swap out your old friendship bracelets with a handmade, hand-painted, shell-accented upgrade.

11. Benefit Cosmetics GALifornia Sunny Golden Pink Blush: Bring the enchanting shades of the magic hour to your cheekbones—because the sunset looks good on everyone. 

12. Stripe Runner Sunglasses: Sleek scuba goggles or retro sunglasses? When it’s hard to tell the difference, you know you have a must-buy in front of you.

13. Saturdays NYC Wet Wax: This wax isn’t for the board you may or may not own. It’s a pomade for your hair so it doesn’t get crazy beach-blown.

14. Saint Laurent Men’s Rope Surf Bracelet: Man jewelry is tough, but surfer style offers a loophole, and this relatively simple rope isn’t overbearing, which is key.

15. Aloha Surf Project A Surfer’s Paradise T-Shirt: This local brand wants you to know how it feels about their homeland: Hawaii is, yes, “a surfer’s paradise.”

16. HUF Souvenir 6 Panel Cap: A couple of palm trees are always welcome, and so is a hat for creating your own shade.

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