GO to Paris because fleeing the country has never been more appealing

May 1, 2019

The United States is the greatest country in the world, but it’s also a dumpster fire. Escaping, at least temporarily, is a necessary coping mechanism during uncertain times. And Paris is the perfect place to escape to. Sure, France has its own history of political turmoil, but at least they didn’t coin the term “alternative facts.” The French also have that certain je ne sais quois that comes with socialized medicine and five weeks of government-mandated vacation time. So throw on a striped shirt, buy a baguette and consider the merits of an impromptu European vacation. 

  1. Les Bains Beach Bag: Schlep your dry cleaning in style with this versatile drawstring bag from the iconic boutique hotel slash nightclub Les Bains. 

  2. A.P.C. Joan Hoodie: Beloved by rappers and gallerists alike, A.P.C. is the quintessential shop for laid-back Parisian basics. 

  3. Milk Makeup Roll + Blot Papers: The geniuses at Milk have truly outdone themselves with these blotting papers that also double as rolling papers.  

  4. Ladurée L'Incontournable Macarons: If smoking cannabis makes you hungry, do not go near these Ladurée macarons. You will eat the entire box. 

  5. André Saraiva Curated Chaos Book: The definitive book from Paris’ preeminent graffiti artist slash hotelier slash restaurateur. 

  6. Balenciaga Paris Souvenir Earring: You can buy a $1 Eiffel Tower keychain at half the stores in Paris, or you can upgrade to Balenciaga’s considerably more luxe take on the iconic souvenir. 

  7. Habitat Supply 32 Pre-Rolls: If a trip to France is not in your future, a pre-roll and a DVD of Before Sunset is the next best thing.

  8. Café Kitsuné Keychain: A stylish yet functional souvenir from one of Paris’ most photogenic coffee shops.  

  9. Byredo Eleventh Hour Hand Cream: The latest scent from the iconic Parisian perfumier Byredo smells like a camping trip, only chicer.  

  10. Fromager D'Affinois: This creamy, brie-esque cheese is a perfect 3 a.m. snack. 

  11. Tetra Nomad Travel Pipe: Designed for travel, this sleek contraption has a hidden compartment where you can store your smoking material of choice. 

  12. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne: A classic, ‘nuff said. 

  13. Antique Au Louvre Paris Ashtray: Paris’ flea markets are legendary, but if you hate bartering in French, you can order scores of fabulous ashtrays from the comfort of your own home. 

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