GO Up and Away... figuratively

GO Up and Away... figuratively

It’s time to get high. Whether you’re catching a plane and jetting off to some exotic locale or staying on solid ground and kicking back, let’s go up and far away. Here is all you need (and don’t necessarily need) for takeoff and beyond or to get high in the more figurative sense of the term. Ultimately, being high is more of a state of mind than body. 

1. Hempathy Therapy Cream: An organic blend of earth-derived ingredients, including aloe leaf juice, calendula flower extract and 125mg of CBD in every jar, come together to create a moisturizing cream that alleviates cramps and muscle pain. 

2. #FR2 Rabbits Neck Pillow: Wearing a neck pillow on a plane usually makes you look like a total dweeb. This one will only make you look like a little bit of a dweeb, and one with a good sense of humor at that. 

3. Angela Caglia Dream Exfoliant Mask: Who knew purple sweet potato extract could do wonders for your skin? Infused with glycolic acid, this biweekly mask will give you brand new skin no matter how long your layover.

4. Alpha Industries MA-1 “Fear the Bones” Flight Jacket: When it comes to bombers, Alpha is the original. This one pays homage to Ensign Jack Ernie from USN VF-17, otherwise known as the Jolly Rogers, who went down in an attack during WWII. The Navy pilot famously radio'ed back, "Remember me to the Jolly Rogers."

5. Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Vaporizer: So you can’t bring this in your carry on, but it will elevate your state when you’re staying put. This vape-bong hybrid offers the best of both worlds. 

6. Sweet Sktbs x Helly Hansen Duffel Bag: Pack for a trip on the fly by tossing all your stuff in this can’t-miss duffel bag that converts into a backpack depending how you want to carry it. 

7. OMC The South Fake Beanie: Forget the North Face. Turning the beanie on its head, this one mimics the logo and proves the South Fake is way realer.

8. GCDS Ski Goggles: You don’t really need these goggles, especially if you have no intention of hitting the slopes, but they look so mesmerizing you might just be motivated to hit higher altitudes.

9. Stüssy SS-Link FA17 Fleece Blanket: Like a sweater but better: Shove a cozy blanket, like Stüssy’s neutral fleece, in your carry on, and you won’t regret it. 

10. Ottolinger Weed Knit: Speaking of sweaters, they don’t really get better than this felted knit one from  Swiss fashion label Ottolinger, a collaboration between Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient. 

11. IGK Jet Lag Dry Shampoo: What to do with “jet-lagged” hair? Spritz it with IGK’s buildup-free dry shampoo. Pick up the travel-sized version for an on-the-move refresher. 

12. Nike Air Huarache Run '91 QS: When the Air Huarache first dropped in 1991, it was advertised with the question, “Have you hugged your foot today?” More than 25 years later, a hug for your foot still sounds—and looks—appealing. 

13. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek: Long flight? Long night? Feign a healthy flush with RMS Beauty’s basic yet brilliant cream designed to be dabbed and blended on lips and cheeks, no mirror required.

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