GO Vegas, Baby for vice and debauchery

GO Vegas, Baby for vice and debauchery

What comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas? Most likely, it’s tequila-soused, stripper-strewn bachelor parties; flashing lights, broken dreams and trails of sequins; the roofie-fueled hijinks of The Hangover; maybe a younger, still tragic Nic Cage gleefully slurring, “I’m a prickly pear!” (that would be Leaving Las Vegas), and, of course, the slogan, “What happens in Vegas….” Here’s what you should bring along for a whirlwind weekend of vice and debauchery. Remember: You run the Strip. The Strip doesn’t run you. 

1. Toniiq Premium Hangover Prevention Detox and Hangover Kit: This clever kit consists of six on-the-go packets of 360-degree hangover help for those who “party hard.” Take two black pills after knocking a few back, then one in the morning, so you can power through like a pro. 

2. Beboe Pre-Filled Vaporizer Pen: When in Vegas, you should obviously go for the shiniest, goldest, sleekest pen you can find. Beboe has nailed the aesthetic, and the high that comes with it. 

3. Ambush Flaming Cig Case Necklace: If joints are more your thing, pick up a pendant with a very important function: This flame-accented “cigarette case” dangles like a beautiful piece of jewelry—because that’s what it is. 

4. Dr. Perricone Hydrogen Water: This isn’t just water. It’s a vitamin-loaded supplement designed to make you more beautiful—claiming it offers wrinkle prevention and increased antioxidant activity—at least on a molecular level. 

5. Super by Retrosuperfuture Arca Infrared Sunglasses: Sunglasses are necessary. Need we explain why? This pair features subtly reflective lenses offering a prism of shifting tones so you can transfix while you hide your eyes.

6. Cast of Vices Coming or Going Bracelet: Everyone knows that without a connect or a couple grand to drop (or being a hot girl), hitting clubs in Vegas is a nightmare. Bring your own wristband. In plated gold instead of plastic, here’s your free pass. 

7. Cole Haan x Mastermind 2 Zerogrand Plox: If you wear sneakers, door guys might give you a hard time. This lightweight leather collaboration is the perfect go-anywhere compromise. 

8. Public School Reversible Bomber Jacket: The bomber is the now-standard alternative to the leather jacket. Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow, the power duo behind Public School, serve up a bomber that’s colorfully printed or simple and sleek, depending how you flip it. 

9. Yves Saint Laurent Couture Hologram Powder in 54 Laser Violet: Promising glitter, sparkle and shine with a strobe effect, this lilac shimmer is begging for a big night out. 

10. Filles A Papa Sidney Neon One-Shoulder Dress: It’s time to sparkle, bitch. Don’t just embrace the flickering lights of the Strip. Fully compete with the help of hot pink sequins. 

11. Versace Sports Bra: Remember that scene in Showgirls when Elizabeth Berkley’s character got complimented on her new dress and said, “Thanks. It’s Ver-SAYCE.” Layering this gaudy sports bra under your half-dress is a nice homage to that moment. 

12. Meat Miss Sexy Psycho Princess Choker: Hi there, princess! A tongue-in-cheek choker in spanking-tight latex is the perfect finishing touch to snap on before you go find some fun and trouble.

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