GO Zen and enhance your self-care

GO Zen and enhance your self-care

Now that Coachella is over (is it ever really over, though?), it might be wise to take a step back from the desert-flushed, flower crown-topped, molly-enhanced mayhem and spend some down time devoted to self-care. Even if you’ve been utilizing #nochella to no end, it’s probably much-needed. Health and wellness, right? Go zen out before summer flies into full swing and barbecues and pool parties have taken ahold of us.  

1. Sweetflag Crackle Quartz Wand: If you’ve got a penchant for the mystical, quartz is believed to clarify thoughts and emotions. If you’re not, these handmade pipe will still help you get high.

2. Wacko Maria Guilty Parties Ashtray: Feeling a little guilty? This ashtray feels you. But you should never feel repentant for taking a moment to withdraw from the world, possibly with a joint in hand.

3. Jessica Hans Zen Garden: What’s more zen than an actual zen garden? This one’s supremely miniaturized scale makes it as instantly decorative as it is soothing. 

4. Supreme x Rap-A-Lot Records Geto Boys Pillow: So this image isn’t the most relaxing, but this cushy pillow makes for a striking piece of décor after you’ve zenned out.

5. Joya Ames Soeurs Gold Rim Porcelain Candle: A fancy hand-poured candle equates to an instant escape, especially when it offers tamarind, amber, and cypress notes, along with 70 hours of burn time.

6. Jonathan Adler Brass Pill Box: There’s no shame in accepting a little prescription assistance when you really need to relax. Fill this one with the Quaaludes of the 21st century.

7. Erno Laszlo Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask: This mask claims to bring real meaning to the term “beauty sleep” and it actually delivers. With unusual extracts of green ginger, prickly pear and mugwort, you’ll wake up with an uncommon glow.

8. Haeckels Seaweed Bath Treatment: If you’re going to take a bath, take it up a notch with this essential vitamin- and antioxidant packed treatment that enhances your skin while you soak.

9. Killspencer Limited-Edition Floor Pillow: This might very well be the most decadent floor pillow you could potentially own. Panels of premium leather come together to inspire a meditation session, or at least make your floor the most desirable place to kick back.

10. Noncense N4 White Banana Incense Burner: Things that are shaped like bananas are (usually) cute. This unexpected incense burner makes the cut.

11. Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask: Binchotan is a hyper-absorbent activated charcoal, which means this mask eases tension around your eyes and pulls toxins from the skin while you sleep.

12. Publish Bowen Hoodie: You’re going to need something relaxed to wear while you do all this relaxing. Plus, gray is a shade that’s always kind of calming.

13. African Botanics Marula Shimmering Gold Oil: When you’re ready to reemerge into the world, spritz this lightly shimmering oil all over your body for nourishing illumination with a vanilla- and gardenia-imbued scent.  

14. Teva W Flatform Universal: Strapping on a pair of Tevas might feel too ironic for some, but you’ll have to admit they’re extremely comfortable and, therefore, zen-inducing.

15. Marcelo Burlon Cruz Short Socks: Pair your sandals with cushy, high-contrast tube socks for maximum subversiveness. Or just to prove you don’t give a shit.

16. Opening Ceremony Story Toile Kimono: At the moment, flowing kimonos are equally appropriate for chilling out and going out. Utilize it.

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