“Gourmet” Edibles

By Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef

“Gourmet” Edibles

As cannabis flourishes in the United States, so does the number of businesses catering to this market. This natural and expected consequence of capitalism offers the consumer more choices and variety as he or she delves into the medical marijuana marketplace. I have no issue with this increase in competition and welcome the fact that cannabis is such a hot topic in the business realm; however, I do take issue in the very real spread of misinformation and false advertising that currently permeates this culture. I am, of course, referencing the title of this article: “Gourmet” Edibles. Yes, the quotation marks around gourmet are the essence of my frustration.

Gourmet is thrown around on packaging and marketing material without regard for the true quality of the product being produced. What makes this particular rice krispy treat gourmet? Did the chef craft the infused marshmallows from scratch using egg whites, sugar syrup and cream of tartar to stabilize? Did they add the very specific amount of cornstarch needed for lasting shine? Was it carefully cut into its final artistic form before being rolled in powdered sugar? The answer is most commonly no. Weed is added to butter, which is then thrown into a bowl with store bought marshmallow fluff, and ta-da, a “gourmet” edible is born, or so the packaging says.

Please excuse my anger, as I cradle my hand-crafted 50mg Italian cherry cupcake in one hand and a beautiful 25mg French Macaroon in the other. Quality over quantity, people! Next time you hear or read the word gourmet on someone’s website or packaging material, take the time to inquire about what makes that product gourmet. What makes it special? Is it a mass-produced Nestle product? Or is it from a local chocolatier who would be happy to tell you about the importance of their profession and the quality of their products? The difference is important.

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