RE/MX: Eclectic Method

Grand Central Movie Scenes in Google Earth

Grand Central Station, whose original structure opened in 1871, is a U.S. National Historical Landmark designed in Beaux-Arts style. A famous structure this beautiful is just asking to be destroyed… in summer blockbuster movies that is. Eclectic Method combines film and Google Earth imagery in a remix that'll get stoners saying, "Whoa!

Lord of the Rings SFX Remix

Okja Remix

Indiana Jones Sound Effects Remix

Everybody Wants to Dance

The RoboCop Turns 30 Remix

Sound Effects Remix: Part Two

Summertime: It's Too Darn Hot

Finding Dory Remix

Theresa May Remix | Strong and Stable

Ghost in the Shell Remix

E.T. Remix

The Fifth Element Remix

Video Game Weapons Remix

Sounds Effects

Kung Fury Remix