Grandparents Give Prohibition the Finger with $34 Mil

By David Jenison

Grandparents Give Prohibition the Finger with $34 Mil

In the recent national Gallup poll that showed 60 percent support for cannabis legalization, only one age group did not register majority support: adults 55 and older. Over in Australia, a husband and wife who fit into that demographic recently had a change of heart, and they are showing their support by donating $33.7 million to medical cannabis research. 

As detailed last week in Collective Evolution, Barry and Joy Lambert were desperate to help their granddaughter Katelyn deal with Dravet Syndrome, a rare disorder that gave the baby up to a thousand epileptic seizures per day. The medical community gave Katelyn a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs that provided no relief, and the family finally reached its breaking point when a two-and-a-half-hour seizure required helicopter transport to a specialist hospital. Then Katelyn’s father Michael stumbled upon the 2013 CNN documentary that showed how a high-cannabidiol/low-tetrahydrocannabinol cannabis oil helped five-year-old Charlotte Figi overcome her own case of Dravet Syndrome. 

Figi was not long for this world before her parents tried cannabis oil, and it worked. With Katelyn facing similar prospects, the Lambert family took action. Michael ordered CBD Hemp extract from the Netherlands, and the prohibited substance with supposedly “no medical benefits” immediately improved Katelyn’s condition. 

“Katelyn has not had a seizure in a year,” the grandmother told Collective Evolution, “and that is miraculous for Dravet Syndrome. It is untreatable by normal medicines.”  

Barry and Joy Lambert had absolutely no personal history with cannabis in their 140 or so combined years on this earth, but they know medicine when they see it. Claiming that cannabis saved their granddaughter’s life, the multimillionaire couple donated nearly $34 million to launch the Lambert Initiative at Sydney University to “explore the potential of compounds derived from the cannabis plant (cannabinoids) in treating a range of diseases.”

“Who do you love more than your children?” asks Joy. “Your grandchildren. So at 67, I  decided I could be civilly disobedient and just do what was right for the children with epilepsy. That’s how I see it.”

Yes, that is correct, cannabis prohibition is turning grandmas and grandpas into outlaws all in the name of pediatric health. If only there was a cannabis compound that could cure the stupidity behind prohibition. 

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