The Smoking Pot

Green Smoothie

The color green means go, and cannabis lovers who taste our green-­on­-green smoothie certainly won’t be able to stop. The tropical­-fruit blend provides a delicious base rich in potassium, vitamins and bromelain enzymes, while heart­-healthy kale adds a nutrient­-dense blast of earthy flavor. Add a few sweet spoonfuls of toasted coconut oil (see recipe here), and our island­-friendly green smoothie is ready to elevate you to new heights.




2 Cups of Kale, Fresh and Chopped
2 Cups of Coconut Water
2 Tablespoons (or more) of Toasted Coconut Oil
2 Cups of Frozen Pineapple
1 Banana

Tip: Freeze the fruit for best results.

Combine the kale, coconut water and coconut oil in a blender and pulverize it. Then add the pineapple and banana and blend all the ingredients together. Serve the mixture in a bowl or glass, and top with shaved coconut, cashews, granola, blueberries, mint leaves and/or any other garnish you desire.

Controlling dosage with edibles is important. We recommend starting slowly (5 to 10 mg for newbies) as people can experience panic attacks from consuming too much. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence suggests that indica strains might decrease the risk of adverse panic-related reactions. 



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