Hash vs. Oil vs. Wax: The Differences, Benefits

Hash vs. Oil vs. Wax: The Differences, Benefits

The legalization of marijuana in many states has resulted in the plant being widely available in a variety of forms, including popular concentrates like hash, oil and wax. Concentrates all have higher cannabinoid profiles, but there are differences between them.


Hash is one of the most widely recognized forms of marijuana concentrate. It is formed by taking stalked resin glands from the marijuana plant and rubbing them together to remove the trichomes. A flat-screening method is often used to ensure the majority of trichomes pass through. The resulting material can then be pressed into bricks or rolled into balls, where it can be pinched off and eaten or placed into bongs, vaporizers or joints. Some hash is also available in powder form.


Hash oil, or butane hash oil (BHO) as it is sometimes called, is created by taking cannabinoids from a marijuana plant and placing them in a container. Butane is then pushed through this container using a method that retains the plant matter, yet allows the gas to escape. A low-temperature purge can also be performed to eliminate any traces of butane, which is a hazardous substance and cannot be ingested. Butane hash oil normally has a THC concentration of around 80 percent, and it is normally smoked in a portable vapor pen.


Marijuana wax is created by tightly packing marijuana buds into a tube before blasting them with butane. This extracts THC from the plant in very concentrated forms, creating a hard, wax-like substance that can then be placed in a bong or “dabbed” onto a joint. Wax is very potent and should be used with caution. It is also very expensive, costing as much as $100 per gram in many dispensaries. However, since only a dab is used at a time, a gram can be expected to last much longer than an ounce of buds.


Since hash oil and wax are both created using butane, making these products yourself is not recommended. Not only is there a risk of fire, but purging butane from the finished product can be extremely difficult to do. Not all states have testing or labeling requirements, which means the hash oil or wax you consume may or may not be safe. Any of these products will provide greater concentrations of THC than what is normally found in regular marijuana so use sparingly in a single setting.

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