High with Ty

High with Ty Feat. Adrienne Airhart, Aristotle Georgeson, Choppa Dunks and Matthew Bowman

High with Ty mines the dregs of the internet for the most awesomely awful video content, and few online trainwrecks can compete with old-school PSAs that discourage drug use, especially those that double as rap videos. The poor teens in these PSAs undoubtedly faced years of bullying after rhymes like, "Drugs are nasty, drugs are bad, even just a tad will make yo mamma sad." You might expect that these would-be rappers grew up to become alcoholics with multiple rehab stints, but you wouldn't expect them to be outshined by the show's guests.

DJ-producer Harry Dunkley (a.k.a. Choppa Dunks) and comedians Aristotle Georgeson (a.k.a. Blake Webber), Adrienne Airhart and Matthew Boman join host Tyler Lemco to discuss the clips, but the discussion soon goes off the rails as they discuss strategies for "fighting boners," overweight health teachers and beer koozie awards. There's an argument about Santa Claus, and the quotes include "Is that what it's like to have a dad?" and "That's my first mustache fight, and I feel invigorated." This all takes place as the guests enjoy herbal assists from Cloudious9, Headdies and Punch Edibles

In an episode mocking anti-drug PSAs, Ty and friends ironically made what might be the best PSA ever that highlights the risks of getting high. Check out the latest High with Ty, and you be the judge!

High with Ty Feat. Prince Fox, Timothy Delaghetto and Matthew Boman

High with Ty Feat. MJ Riggins, Candace Carrizales and Dan Wynick

High with Ty Feat. Dani Fernandez, Anthony Troli and Brad Gage

High with Ty Feat. Pete Cornacchione, Alison Stevenson and Steve Hernandez

High with Ty Feat. Jeff Wild, Whitney Moore and Elliot Morgan

High with Ty Feat. Stefan Heck, Talisa Monet and Rob Whisman

High with Ty Feat. Wahlid Mohammad, Everett Byram and Victor Goshfather Tapia

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