High with Ty

High with Ty Feat. Kash Abdulmalik, Christine Little and Maddox

Join the greatest clip show host ever, Tyler Lemco, as he gets down with guests Maddox, comedian Kash Abdulmalik and A Little Advice podcast host Christine Little. The gang rips on internet fanfare with the help of Pearl Pharma flower, and in no time, tap their inner Missy Elliott. Catch the humor and individual disgust with these first-rate web videos of excited twerkers and quite possibly the worst love song ever sung, all on High with Ty.

High with Ty Feat. Amir Mo, Lia Richardson and Steve Borzachillo

High with Ty Feat. Wahlid Mohammad, Everett Byram and Victor Goshfather Tapia

High with Ty Feat. Jeff Wild, Whitney Moore and Elliot Morgan

High with Ty Feat. MJ Riggins, Candace Carrizales and Dan Wynick

High with Ty Feat. Dani Fernandez, Anthony Troli and Brad Gage

High with Ty Feat. Prince Fox, Timothy Delaghetto and Matthew Boman

High with Ty Feat. Adrienne Airhart, Aristotle Georgeson, Choppa Dunks and Matthew Bowman

High with Ty Feat. Stefan Heck, Talisa Monet and Rob Whisman

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