High with Ty

High with Ty Feat. Prince Fox, Timothy Delaghetto and Matthew Boman

Note: This is the Season One finale of High with Ty. Season Two premieres Thursday, October 4. 

High with Ty shares the best (as in the absolute worst) internet content with the funniest names in comedy, and it doesn't get much better than lip-syncing fakers, rhyme-deficient rap battles and spoken-word freestyles on live television. That's what guests DJ-producer Prince Fox, comedian Timothy Delaghetto and filmmaker Matthew Boman get to enjoy alongside host Tyler Lemco. The episode also features beatbox-backed rapping and "the human representation of the internet," one of which actually takes place live on the set as the guests enjoy herbal assists from Cloudious9, Headdies and Punch Edibles

High with Ty Feat. Adrienne Airhart, Aristotle Georgeson, Choppa Dunks and Matthew Bowman

High with Ty Feat. MJ Riggins, Candace Carrizales and Dan Wynick

High with Ty Feat. Stefan Heck, Talisa Monet and Rob Whisman

High with Ty Feat. Pete Cornacchione, Alison Stevenson and Steve Hernandez

High with Ty Feat. Jeff Wild, Whitney Moore and Elliot Morgan

High with Ty Feat. Dani Fernandez, Anthony Troli and Brad Gage

High with Ty Feat. Wahlid Mohammad, Everett Byram and Victor Goshfather Tapia

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