High with Ty

High with Ty Feat. Stefan Heck, Talisa Monet and Rob Whisman

Sexually explicit chewing. Potato chips eaten off a subway floor. Thanksgiving dance moves that'll terrify turkeys more than an oversized meat thermometer. In an episode of High with Ty dedicated to the munchies, the food clips will ironically make you anything but hungry. 

High with Ty takes the best (and by "best" we mean the absolute worst) internet content and presents it to some of the funniest names in comedy. Stefan Heck, Talisa Monet and Rob Whisman join host Tyler Lemco in discussing the hard-to-digest clips and what it's like to watch Christopher Nolan movies blitzed on edibles. Making a surprise appearance, actor Jeff Torres arrives dressed for an episode of COPS and making paternity claims like he's on Maury Povich

Ty, a founding member of Epic Meal Time, helps inspire his guests with herbal assists from Cloudious9, Headdies and Punch Edibles. This in turn helps High with Ty create a personal and engaging format that makes you feel like you're sitting in the room with the guests getting high and laughing your ass off.

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