High with Ty

High with Ty Feat. Wahlid Mohammad, Everett Byram and Victor Goshfather Tapia

"Up next we've got the world's first goth beatboxer because that's definitely something the world needed," says High with Ty host Tyler Lemco. Like a John Bonham drum solo on bad acid, the latest High with Ty pushes your eardrums to the brink with the best (i.e., the absolute worst) homemade goth and heavy metal videos. These include the dude who somehow took pride in his Peter Murphy x Doug E. Fresh beatbox. 

Joining Ty in his mother's basement, guests Wahlid Mohammad, Everett Byram and Victor Goshfather Tapia provide the commentary, and Dan Wynick stops by to light things up with grand daddy purp pre-rolls from Heavy Grass, which Ty describes as "literally the loudest weed brand in existence." And you'll need a good pre-roll or Punch Edibles chocolate to fully appreciate Spinal Tap in real life. 

So what could go wrong when a metalhead in a REAPER shirt takes a baseball bat to a beer keg at a Slipknot cover band concert? And can it be worse than a ginger-goth Cyndi Lauper trying to rap? See for yourself in the latest episode of High with Ty

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High with Ty Feat. MJ Riggins, Candace Carrizales and Dan Wynick

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