High with Ty

High with Ty Feat. Dani Fernandez, Anthony Troli and Brad Gage

Get ready for PRØHBTD's latest series, High with Ty, hosted by Tyler Lemco. High with Ty takes the best (and by "best" we mean the absolute worst) internet content and presents it to some of the funniest names in comedy. Supplied with snacks, smokes, bongs and edibles, the guests comment on the clips in ways that only stoned comedians can. In the premiere episode, get ready for library creepers, very off-putting flirtation, and a motivational speaker with a jack o' lantern smile.

As one of the founding members of Epic Meal Time, Ty helped the Shorty Award-winning show build an online following of 7 million subscribers and cross over to traditional television sets. With his latest series for PRØHBTD, the comedic host returns to his roots offering a personal and engaging platform in High with Ty that makes the audience feel like it's sitting in the room getting high with his guests.

High with Ty Feat. MJ Riggins, Candace Carrizales and Dan Wynick

High with Ty Feat. Adrienne Airhart, Aristotle Georgeson, Choppa Dunks and Matthew Bowman

High with Ty Feat. Prince Fox, Timothy Delaghetto and Matthew Boman

High with Ty Feat. Pete Cornacchione, Alison Stevenson and Steve Hernandez

High with Ty Feat. Jeff Wild, Whitney Moore and Elliot Morgan

High with Ty Feat. Stefan Heck, Talisa Monet and Rob Whisman

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High with Ty Feat. Wahlid Mohammad, Everett Byram and Victor Goshfather Tapia

High with Ty Feat. Granison Crawford, Madison Sinclair and Wayne Wolfe

High with Ty Feat. Lindsay Ames, Renee Worley and Rachel Evans

High with Ty Feat. Jus Reign, Noel Leon and Matt Monroe

High with Ty Feat. Kash Abdulmalik, Christine Little and Maddox

High with Ty Feat. Razzle Dangerously, Sinn Bodhi, Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Hennigan

High with Ty Feat. Chase Mitchell, Michelle Tin, Paper Mashay and Ron Solomon

High with Ty Feat. Neel Nanda, Mike Glazer and Will Herndon